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March Favorites

Hey all!

And welcome back to my blog. I am a little late with my March favorites this month but as they say (whoever they are)… better late then never!

Right!?!?! 😊



This month I decided that I wanted to start using up some of my samples and the different products I have been sent in subscription boxes over the past couple of years. This is how I discovered that I actually LOVE paper face masks.

The first one I tried was the Maskeraide.


This was a Rest’ore mask that left my face feeling soft and smooth of days. It definitely helped to get rid of those pesky dry spots that I have been cursed with due to this Winter! Nonetheless I have to admit that it was pretty weird at first. When I opened the mask it felt rather slimy. And I looked super hilarious. I took a picture and shares with a friend but I think that is as far as it will go! I have a few more took out to try and will definitely let you know how (or if) I like these.



Food wise I definitely think that burrito bowls were my favorite find of this month. I had seen pictures of them and heard how people loved them but never really tried one. The boyfriend and I shared one at Quesada’s as a small lunch one day and I was hooked. I decided to buy the ingredients to make these at home. My homemade ones included shredded bbq chicken, basmati rice, pico de gallo, gucamole, sour cream, green onions, and peppers. I had some tortilla chips on the side. I think I will make these again. Actually this may be my supper hahaha.



During this month I discovered IZombie on Netflix and I was hooked!!

IZombie_-_Season_3(Click the photo for the source link!)

I think we watched the 2 seasons that are posted in about a week. Work and other comments may of got in the way of binge watching (or I probably would have haha). I love zombie shows and loved how this took a different spin then most others. I mean.. a zombie… who survives on brains… typical. But a zombie who survives on brains and can live a semi-normal life. Not to mention being smart and getting a job in the morgue and helping solve crimes… genius!! I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Edit: Funny thing. Shortly after I wrote this the boyfriend sent me a text telling me that Season Three was uploaded. We discovered at supper time that only episode one was uploaded and it seems as if a new one will be updated weekly. This I can handle and I can’t wait for more!!



Click the photo for the source link and an article about their performance!)

I am pretty sure my music favorite was the same last month but I am super excited for Vegas and the Backstreet Boys have just been killing it with their current residency! Not to mention performing (and rocking it) at the American Country Music Awards with Florida Georgia Line. It was absolutely amazing. If you haven’t took the time to watch it … CLICK HERE! It is definitely a must see!!!



My favorite youtuber of the month has been Darlene from A Peek Inside. Her channel features tidbits from her daily life and struggles. She is Mom to two great children; one away to university and one living at home. She keeps it real by showing us the struggles she faces being both Mom and advocate for her Autistic son. Being a Special Education Teacher I have somewhat of an understand of her struggles and think she is doing such an amazing job! Things may not always go as we wish but we just have to keep on going.. and that’s what she does. She doesn’t sugar coat life… she keeps it real!! Check out her channel to find DITL Vlogs, cleaning videos, grocery hauls, grocery prep videos, empties, favorites, unboxings, etc!


Finally I have two huge unfavorites that go hand in hand and that is…


I am soooo over both. The weather in March was pretty bad… from a wind storm that had winds gusting to about 160 km and knocking out power and destroying many traffic lights across the city… not to mention residential destruction.. to blizzards. These blizzards came close to weekends and just made things a big mess. The area I currently live would see these stormed followed by rain and freezing rain. In my hometown and surrounding area they have more snow then they know what to do with. I think it was said that they had over 110 cm last week alone (and there was more on the way at this point). Crazy!! Mother nature needs to hibernate and give us some warmth and sun!!!


Well these are my favorites for the month! If you have a favorites post or video please let me know in the comments. I’d love to check it out!!!

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