About Me

Writing has always been a big love of mine. Although my life I have been writing in various forms; from journals and stories to freelance articles and academic papers. Writing has always been my escape from the real world, a way to voice my opinions or a way to vicariously live though a character I’ve created.

It is only recently that I’ve been writing again. Real life got in the way there for a while and I lost both my motivation and creativity when it came to writing. I was at a point in my life where everything was going wrong and I had to work a crazy amount of hours a week just to pay bills and have the necessities of life.

I grew up a small town girl with big dreams. I moved to the city after graduating high school to study Biology and English. I’ve always had a love for teaching and helping others and took the knowledge and skills I gained through these courses and put them towards a career in Education. After a few years teaching I began my journey as a Special Education Teacher.

Although I love my profession, I sometimes look back and wonder ‘what if?’ Would I change this? Never! I met by boyfriend through a friend I made while completing my education degree. We have been together almost six years and took the leap to purchase our first home together two years ago. For the first year we had our home my boyfriend was living alone. I was working about eight hours away and renting an apartment. I decided to finish up my Special Education degree last year and stayed in town while doing so. When the time came to apply for jobs again, I had to choose if I wanted to continue our long distance relationship or chance not having a job. After much consideration we chose the latter.

This leaves me to where I am right now…. enjoying life. I get to spend time with my boyfriend and gained from friendships with those who I would sparingly see because I was living away. I’ve got to decorate (slowly) my home in a way I love. I’ve got to travel and see different parts of Canada. I’ve got to travel with a couple of friends to see one of our favorite bands together. I’ve got to watch my boyfriend and his friends pretend to be rockstars when they play shows in the local music scene. Although there are many more things in life that I’d like to see or accomplish, I can’t complain.

I review for Nuts About Books

I review for BookLook Bloggers

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