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March Empties

Well March wasn’t the best month for empties but as you’ll see in the coming days, I’m hoping to have so many more by the time the end of April rolls around.


The month of March was an interesting one, for lack of better words. I didn’t have much motivation for anything in my life truth be told. I would go to work and come home. We went out a few times with friends of ours but I wasn’t really up to much more than that.
Towards the end of March I started to come around and I hope that this will continue to improve throughout the month of April. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
But until then, let’s looks at the few empties I’ve accumulated over the month.



Herbal Essences Color Me Happy
Color Safe Shampoo
Size: 300 ml (10.1 Fl Oz)

Visit the valley of roses in Morocco and you’ll find a divinely scented sea of color that stretches for miles. With a bright, uplifting scent, our Rose fragrance will inspire visions of fields in full bloom while gentile lather reveals radiance in color-treated tresses. – From Bottle

My Thoughts:
This is the shampoo I always use when I color my hair. It works great with my hair and smells great. I will definitely repurchase this in the future!


Herbal Essences
Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse.
Size: 192 g

Strong hold for weightless, touchable curls all day.
Boost your curls’ bounce with every ounce of this miraculously light mousse, designed to pump up luscious curls and protect the waves you crave from humidity. Keep your style in line as you charm your senses, and your admirers, with our sparkling mixed berry fragrances. – From Bottle

My Thoughts:
I have been using various Herbal Essences mousses for my hair for the past few years. It works great with my hair and I don’t mind the smell. It definitely keeps the frizz down and keeps the curls looking great! (Hello natural curls!) However, I’d love to try out some new products for my hair. One of the biggest things I look for would be keeping the hair frizz free (or at least decreasing the amount of frizz) and that keeps the curls… well looking like curls! Leave your suggestions in the comments!!



Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask
Beauty Rest’ore
Size: 1 mask at 23 g

Restore, Regenerate & Repair
Everyday your skin loses essential moisture and nutrients. While you prepare for your beauty sleep, our super hydrating Beauty Rest’ore formula (infused with Argan Oil, Super Fruit Extracts, Green Algae, and Vitamin E) goes to work to restore, regenerate and repair your skin leaving it silky, smooth and supple by morning. The cooling effect of the mask helps to relax facial muscles easing the signs of stress and fatigue, while natural Lavender Oil relaxes your body and mind. Sweet dreams!

Directions for use:
• To prepare face for your at home facial, start by cleansing and toning your skin.
• Tear open packet. Gently unfold mask and place on face. Adjust over eyes, nose and mouth for a perfect fit. Rub any excess serum into neck and chest.
• Relax for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and discard. Gently pat moisture into skin or give a quick rinse and lightly pat dry.
• Use once per week. Can be used daily. – From Bottle

My Thoughts:
Well I’ll be honest. I never thought I’d like paper face masks. However, I was completely blown away with this mask.
When first taking it out of the package I started to wonder what I was getting myself into. It felt slimey. But I kept going and put it on my face. I actually sent a picture to a friend of mine… it was pretty bad. I kept it on for the recommended time (and made sure to follow the instructions) and was left feeling refreshed. It added moisture to my face and I noticed a difference for at least a week. I’m actually excited to try some of the other face masks (many various types) that I have accumulated. I’ll be sure to let you know how these go.


Skintimate Signature Scents
Moisturizing Shave Gel
Island Berry Breeze
Size: 198 g / 7 OZ

Skintimate Signature Scents Island Berry Breeze Moisturizing Shave Gel combines a luscious fragrance of island berries with 6 moisturizers, including Vitamin E and Olive Butter, and helps replenish skin’s natural moisture while providing unbeatable razor protection for a close, comfortable shave and healthy feeling, smooth skin. – From Bottle

My Thoughts:
Anyone who has read any of my blog posts (especially previous empties) will know that this is my go-to shave gel. I absolutely love it. It smells great! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. I’ll definitely repurchase this in the future!
And side note, I always purchase the shave gels. I am not a big fan of the lotions.


Secret Scent Expressions
ooh-la-la Lavender
Size: 45 g

My Thoughts:
I love this one. It works well and it smells great… what more could you ask for? I have already repurchased these to have as a backup.



Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions
Winter Candy Apple
Nourishing Hand Soap
Size: 236 ml / 8 fl oz

Crisp apple, candied sugar, cinnamon spice
Our Nourishing Hand Soap with moisturizing Shea Butter gently washes away dirt while keeps hands feeling soft and conditioned. This nourishing formula is perfect for winter-dry skin or year-round clean comfort. – From Bottle

My Thoughts:
I have never been disappointed in any of the Winter Candy Apple scented products. It is definitely one of my go to scents. It smells great but it isn’t over powering. I would definitely repurchase and definitely recommend. It is actually kind of disappointing that is a holiday scent and only available at certain times of the year.


Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions
Sugar Plum Dream
Shower Gel
Size: 295 ml / 10 fl oz

Sparkling sugar plum, winter citrus, and snowdrop blossoms.
The perfect daily cleanser:
– contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe
– Provides a luxuriously rich lather
-Leaves skin feeling irresistibly soft and beautifully fragranced. – From Bottle

My Thoughts:
I wasn’t sold on this scent first when I started using. However, it was something that definitely grew on me when I kept using it. The scent lingers for a while after use and it also makes the bathroom smell great. Again, this is another Holiday scent that I won’t be able to get any time soon but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it in the Fall.


The Body Shop
Coconut Shower Cream
Size: 250 ml

Soap-free cleanser with Community Fair Trade virgin coconut oil from Samoa.
– From Bottle

My Thoughts:
I use to love coconuts scents, so I decided to pick this up. It smelled great at first sniff (yes I said at first sniff). However, after continuous use I really didn’t like it. I’m not sure it the scent changed over time or I was just over it. It was also difficult to get out of the bottle, which may be another reason I was over it before I finished up the bottle. I used the last little bit in my bath as bubble bath just to finish it up. This product was just not for me. I won’t be repurchasing.


Size: 75 g

My Thoughts:
To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the scent. It was rather disappointing since I was excited for this scent. I still have a couple more of these in my stash but I will probably not repurchase. However, it did leave my skin feeling silky smooth after my bath.



Size: 90 g

My Thoughts:
To be honest I can’t remember much about this one. I know I did like the scent and it did leave my skin feeling smooth. And I loved all the little stars that were found inside the bath bomb. I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase this any time soon (especially since this is normally released during the Christmas season). I’d like to try out some new ones to be honest.


Calendula & White Musk Milk
Bath Tea
Herbs, Spice & Flowers r Nice

My Thoughts:
I bought this at a Farmer’s Market in Ontario a while back. It did leave my skin feeling smooth but it isn’t something I’d have access to buying here.


Well that’s all for this month. Do you have a blog post (or video) sharing your empties for March? If so let me know in the comments!!

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