Week 7 Update: #Walk100MilesChallenge

Hey All!

Since I’m rather far behind on most things related to my blog (oops!), I just posted my weeks 4-6 update for the #Walk100MilesChallenge. Surprisingly, I have already passed the 100 mile mark and hit 125.75 miles by the end of week 6. However, I decided to keep going with the challenge since I have been enjoying it. My next goal is to hit 200 miles!

It’s been a beautiful week here where I live. Unfortunately I didn’t get to walk as much as I wanted to but I did manage to get a few long walks in. I’ve also decided to start training for the Tely10 but I haven’t registered yet. I want to see if I’ll be around and if I am actually capable of doing it. Until then, let’s get on to the results for Week 7!




This Weeks Total: 26.98 miles

Week 6 total: 26.09 miles
Week 5 total: 22.17 miles
Week 4 total: 26.73 miles
Week 3 total: 18.09 miles
Week 2 total: 19.57 miles
Week 1 total: 13.08 miles

Grand total at the end of Week 7: 152.71 miles!

This is pretty awesome!! I’ve already managed to get almost 7 miles towards next week! It has definitely been that little bit of extra motivation that I needed to keep me going!

If you’re interested in learning more about the #Walk100MilesChallenge and the wonderful participants….. CLICK HERE!!!


Week 3 Updates – #Walk100MilesChallenge


Hey All!

Week three wasn’t the greatest at all. I have been miserable all week. I’m still not completely sure if I came down with something or just fighting a severe sinus infection.

Basically I have spent the week unable to breathe through my nose and feeling like my throat was closing in on itself. Pleasant, I know! But I kept fighting it and I had a few days of work on top of this. I kept trying to keep myself moving in order to get some steps in (and keep active).

With that being said, here’s the the miles for this week.

This weeks total:  18.09
Week 2 total: 19.57 miles
Week 1 total: 13.08 miles

Total miles to date: 50.74 miles



Not too bad overall! I didn’t pass last weeks total miles walked. However, 18.09 miles isn’t too bad considering the week I’ve had. I can’t wait to feel better and the weather to be nice so I can get outside more! Only 49.26 miles to go!!!

If you’re interested in learning more about the #Walk100MilesChallenge and the wonderful participants….. CLICK HERE!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep walkin’!



Week 2 Updates – #Walk100MilesChallenge

Hey All!

I’m back today with an update on the #Walk100MilesChallenge that I am participating in, along with some lovely ladies. If you’d like to learn more about this challenge and who is involved, click here!


So how did I do?

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Week One – #walk100mileschallenge

Hey all!

So every Friday the participants of the #walk100mileschallenge have agreed to share their weekly progress.

And already I am a date late! It never fails. But I’m only a day and I’ve already added a reminder to my planner for next Friday. Yay for planners…. right?

So my progress?

I’m not impressed. To be honest I haven’t been feeling the best over the past few days. And the weather has been pretty nasty (thanks Shelia’s Brush!) so I’m stuck to walking indoors. I can’t wait until the snow melts, the sun shines, and we have some warm weather.

So how did I actually do?? I’ve been using my Fitbit to track my progress and according to the stats I walked 13.08 miles from Monday to Friday. I basically averaged about 3 miles a day.  I guess it is not the worst but I am hoping this coming week will be better.

Interested in seeing how the other ladies did, click on the image below to see who is participating in this challenge!


Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!



Updated Spring 2017 – #walk100mileschallenge Participant List!

Hey all!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I don’t have any excuses for my absence. I just haven’t been feeling like doing much to be honest. My life has basically consisted of work and keeping up on things around the house. I ended up feeling miserable there for a while and so unbearably tired. Thankfully I’m starting to feel like myself again and I hope to be back blogging regularly soon. I have a list of ideas written! That’s a start right?

But that’s not why I am here. On Monday I joined the #walk100mileschallenge,


hosted by two lovely ladies that I follow on youtube. They are:

Deelovelylife and Myeverydaywifelife

Here is a completely list of everyone who is participating:

Walk 100 Mile Challenge Participants:


Celtic Lassie

Lou Ann @itsalwayssomethingaroundhere

Kimberly Davis @divadesigningonadime

Cynthia @Closet Bliss 

Suzanne Carvell

Patricia @ohio77

Angie Nicholas

Tracey Go Lightly


Blog Participants:

Melissa (Me!!)

Non Youtube Participants:

Phyllis K

Cindy Monroe

 It is never too late to join. If you are interested, just click on the name of one of the hosts. This will bring you to their Youtube pages where you can find videos dedicated to the challenge! If you need any help, just let me know.