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Recap and Rambles – #Junos 2017

junos(Image from the Juno Awards website. Click the picture to visit the site!)

Music plays a big part in my life! It surrounds me in everything I do most days.

I am a big fan of local music and love to see my friends succeed at something they love.

I am often found carting around guitars and other music equipment when the boyfriend has a gig with the band he is in.

I got to volunteer for and attend the Junos the last time they were in Newfoundland. So it is no surprise that I would be spending my Sunday night watching them.

What you will find next is a bunch of random thoughts about what I am watching on the Junos. If you stick through until the end, kudos to you!

  • Ruth B won Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Well done! I definitely enjoyed ‘Lost Boys’
  • To be honest, I had no idea who Dallas Smith was. When I am not sure who people are, I’ll google them. I knew the voice was familiar. He was the lead singer in Default, a band I liked in high school. He performed his song ‘Side Effects’
  • Shawn Mendas killed it as always. Loved ‘Mercy’
  • Next is the Country Album of the Year. Someone named Jess Moskaluke won. Never heard of her.
  • July Talk rocks! I cannot wait to see them in St. John’s in a few weeks. Tickets are bought!
  • The Strumbellas! They are singing ‘Spirits’. I use to sing this song all the time on the way to work last year!
  • Sarah McLachlan is being inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame. She got her start in Halifax. That’s pretty cool. The accomplishments she has so far in her life is completely amazing. She opened a School of Music, that’s pretty cool!
  • Ruth B sang beautifully during her rendition of ‘Lost Boys’
  • The music programs for kids and the time they take to show what is offered on these awards really tugs at my heart strings. So glad to see how they are creating such a positive influence in the life of many children throughout Canada.
  • ARKELLS!!!!! I love the Arkells! Max kills it always! They had a great rendition of ‘Drake’s Dad’
  • Pop Album of the Year – Alessia Cara’s Know-it-All. I agree. It was pretty great and she did had an abundance of success. Way to go!!
  • Bryan Adams (also co-hosting with Russell Peters) is performing ‘You Belong To Me’. It’s pretty catchy but it’s no ‘Summer of ’69’
  • Tribute to Leonard Cohen. Feist performs ‘ Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye’ by Leonard Cohen as a part of the tribute. We lost way too many great people in 2016.
  • Songwriter of the Year – Gord Downie
  • Alessia Cara with special guest Zedd sang a medley of great songs, including ‘Stay’ and ‘Scars To You Beautiful’
  • Group of the Year – The Tragically Hip. They did have a great year and have overcome so much as a band. And all the groups nominated in this category were pretty awesome too!
  • Juno Fan Choice – Shawn Mendas. I can live with that!!
  • Billy Talent?!? They’re still around? Where in the world did they come from? Anywho, they performed on the Junos and all that changed was that they got older. Hahaha.
  • Album of the Year -Leonard Cohen. It was accepted on his behalf by his son. He said that his father always said there was a Juno in his future, little did his father know that it was was actually his fathers Juno haha
  • And our newest inductee to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Sarah McLachlan finished off the night. What an excellent ending. I have always been a fan of her music; even if we did have to analyze ‘Possessions’ in Grade 10 Thematic Lit class for a poetry assignment.
  • And just when I thought that was the end… ‘Summer of ’69’ was performed with an abundance of great acts.. basically all those that performed on tonight’s show!!!

Other awards were given out over the past few day during different events. The ones listed above are just a few of the awesome awards that have been won! Now we just have to wait until next year for #Juno2018 in Vancouver!

And now I’m off to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead and wait for the Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line to perform on the ACM’s (but my friend is watching and keeping me updated on their appearance!).

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambles! Have a great night!

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