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Book Review: The Two of Us – Victoria Bylin (Repost)

Hey all!

It’s a New Year and with a New Year comes change, cleaning, decluttering and finding things you had forgotten you had.

While starting this challenge, I discovered this book in my pile that I needed to add to my bookshelf. This sparked the idea of going through the bookshelf and sharing some of my favorites with you. We’ll start with this one that I received from Nuts About Books to review in August/Sept.



Recently I’ve decided to decrease the amount of screen time I have in the night time (even though this is the usually the only time I really have to sit down and interact online). Because of this, I’ve finally made time to feed my love of reading (and tackle the massive amount of books that I’ve accumulated but yet to read).

One of these books was The Two of Us by Victoria Bylin.

In The Two of Us we meet Mia Robinson, a woman who has had many obstacles to overcome. After two broken engagements, she seems to be fairly cynical about love and her trust in relationships in general. Because of this she has decided to join an international aid organization as a nurse practitioner and devote her life to helping others. She felt that this was the best thing for her.

Until her 18-year-old sister, Lucy, called with an invitation to her surprise Vegas wedding and put a twist on what Mia thought was plans that were set in stone.

Enter Jake Tanner, a former police officer, whose life was turned upside down during a tragedy where he lost his partner. However, he finds some solace in keeping an eye on her young adult son, Sam, who’s asked him to be the best man at his wedding.

Jake’s and Mia’s lives slowly become more intertwined. Little did Mia and Jake know, but this Vegas wedding would change their lives for the better.

This novel has it all: the laughter, the tears, the ‘did-you-really-just-do-that’ moments. It is something that most readers can relate to. We’ve all experienced good times, bad times, love and lost. We get to sympathize with Mia as she describes her life. We get to hope with Lucy and Sam as they start their new lives together. We get to see how by never giving up and working towards yours dreams things may fall right into place. We get to see that you may find just what you are looking for when you finally stop.

I’d definitely recommend this book. This is one that I will add to my collection and surely read again.



If you have any books that you are loving right now and think I would enjoy, leave a comment below! I’d love to read some new ones!

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