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Blogtober Day 1 – Update + Announcement

Hey all!

Just a quick update on this end. I haven’t posted in a few weeks but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to share.

First of all, I’ve started writing some album reviews over at Canadian Beats!


I’ve been having a ball writing for them so far! I’ve discovered some great music and cannot see what else they have in store. If you’re interested in learning more and supporting this great site, along with some pretty amazing Canadian talent, click the picture to head over to their website.

Sample Saturdays haven’t disappeared. I did keep up with it over the past two weeks but did not update last week. I do have a progress post coming soon and figured I would change the name of these group of posts to ‘Weekly Sample Baskets’. Expect an update on that tomorrow.

I have also decided to attempt Blogtober again this year!


Basically I’ll be trying to post every day during the month of October. October seems to be the month when everything happens and I end up failing at this. Lets hope this year is different!

With that being said I am going to end it here. I’ve got a few goodies in store and plan to spend tomorrow writing up some blog posts to have stashed away just in case life gets in the way… if I don’t get a call for work that is!!

Hope everything is well with you all! And if you’re doing Blogtober (or Vlogtober if you are a youtuber) let me know! I’d love to read/watch!

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