Fangirl: What type am I?

Hey All!

It’s funny you know. For years now I’ve been a part of the music scene. I remember years ago for different bands it was that you were considered a ‘groupie’ if you followed a band. A friend of mine and I would joke that we weren’t ‘groupies’ because we weren’t sleeping with the guys (such a sad, sad stereotype); we weren’t ‘roadies’ because we didn’t travel around with the guys and help them out on the road. We started, jokingly, calling ourselves ‘band-aids’ because we spent our time creating websites, promoting the band online, chatting on their message board (remember when that was a thing?).

However, in the past few years the word ‘fangirl’ has been thrown around. The term is mainly used for a girl who is a fan of a band; mainly a boyband . However, the term isn’t just strictly used in that context. When it first became popular to throw this term around, it was something that was often used in a negative context. Nonetheless, today it isn’t seen in such a negative light (thankfully because to be honest there are sometimes when you just need to ‘fangirl’.

With that being said, tonight I discovered a site that I never knew existed, took a quiz and decided to share the results with you all!


The Die Hard!


You are The Die Hard. Unlike some fans, your affections don’t change as often as the weather. Your dedication to your favorite character or actor is unparalleled, and you’ll go to unprecedented lengths to meet them in person. You’d rather delete your own perfect selfie than pictures of your fave on your phone. Because you know that when you love something, you commit. This makes you a loyal friend both offline and online.


Well then. Most would be right. I wouldn’t do almost anything to meet them. I wouldn’t be deleting perfect selfies because I really don’t take any hahaha. I would love to meet them (and hopefully I will one day do a meet and greet). But the affection definitely doesn’t change and I like to think I am a loyal friend!


Interested in learning more about ‘The Fangirling Life’, check out
From there you’ll be able to do the quiz and find out what time of ‘Fangirl’ you are.

If you decide to try the quiz, let me know what time of ‘Fangirl’ you are in the comments!!


** Please note that the picture used in this post is from the quiz.



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