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#TBT – Las Vegas Day One

Hey all!

Many of you know that I haven’t been on the blog game for a while now. However, I am trying to get back into the swing of things because I really do miss it.

With that being said, back in June I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada with the boyfriend and the bestie. Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about our adventures there. This week begins with Day One!


I’ve always been a nervous flyer. I often have major anxiety over it for about a week before travel. However, my fear does not stop me from traveling and I have been getting much better about it.

We left here early on the morning of the 13th (with the superstition of the number 13 lingering in my mind … even though I am not one to really believe in many superstitions).

Our flights did not get delayed! I was impressed because I have a history of booking flights (even months in advance) that end up getting delayed for various reasons – ice, snow, wind, fog, airport being renovated, etc. I think I even got through security without being patted down or searched because for some reason I always get randomly screened. No wait, I am sure I got patted down at least once. I just can’t remember where. Anywho, I’m not complaining hahaha.

From this we traveled to our connecting flight in Ontario. We had a short wait there before catching our flight to Vegas. I had a window seat and actually looked out to take in the clouds, blue sky, landscapes below. Aren’t you proud of me!


We landed in Vegas around noon, running on little sleep and with a 4.5 hour time change. Thankfully I am fine with time changes and little sleep and I was ready to go (and thankful to be off the plane).

From this we grabbed a taxi to our hotel. We stayed just off the strip at the Marriott’s Grand Chateau Vacation Club. Now I am not a Vacation Club member but I would highly recommend this location. First of all, when I booked this vacation we were notified that in the event a Vacation Club member wanted our reservation they would put us up in a location of similar or better accommodations. (We didn’t have any changes). Second of all, the staff was pretty awesome and very helpful. One of the things I definitely loved was that they were not pushy about trying to sell us a Timeshare and completely understood that with living where we do (Newfoundland, Canada), having a Timeshare just didn’t make sense for us.


We had a one bedroom suite which was pretty awesome! We had a little kitchenette, which was great to have a small, quick breakfast in before heading out and exploring the strip! Plus our view wasn’t the worst and we could look across the road to see where we had to go when me and the bestie ventured out on our own (which is a post for another week).

After settling in and figuring out how to get a bus pass, we headed to Olive Garden for Dinner/Supper. This was the one place the bestie and I wanted to go to because we loved it when we were in Orlando. It didn’t let us down!


From there we headed to Target! I miss Target in Canada. We grabbed a few things we wanted for a few days and made sure to stock up on water because it was super hot in Vegas during the time we went. We also went and checked out the Dollar Tree. Unfortunately the one we visited didn’t have all the cool things that I see hauled on Youtube. Sad times.

After that we grabbed the bus back, dropped off our purchases, and explored the Mall across from our hotel. We also grabbed a snack before heading back and turning in for the night. We had a long and eventful day.


I asked the bestie if she had any memories of the first day that she wanted to share. Her remark was that it was a few months ago and everything seems lumped into one and she can’t really remember what happened what day.

Then she said:

oh someething i did notice on the first day…the characters
they were everywhere but they werent careful like in disney
if that makes sense…they were walking around with the heads of the costumes up and some where down right creepy chasing you and stuff
She’s right. There were people dressed up all throughout the strip. Over the days we were there we saw an abundance of showgirls, Mario, Transformers, etc. I am pretty sure it was Mario we saw on the first day… and Mickey.. a creepy, creepy Mickey.


Hope you enjoyed reliving my first day in Vegas with me. Stay tuned for more Vegas adventures in the coming weeks!



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