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Weeks 4-6 Updates – #Walk100MilesChallenge

Hey All!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to write for my blog. The past few weeks have been busy with me going to visit my family during our week off for Easter/Spring break. I ended up going out to my hometown last weekend to pick up my Mom who is visiting while the boyfriend is on a work trip. Things have been keeping me rather busy and away from most social medias (other then a quick check on the cell phone if time permits).

However, I’m hoping after that little break that I will get a chance to sit down and beat out some blog posts. I’ve missed it!

However, today’s post is not an update one on the happenings in my life. Instead I am here to update you on the #Walk100MilesChallenge.

I’ve been keeping up with the walking and exercising the best I could, but to be honest I haven’t tracked it. I have left short comments about my progress with the ladies who are also completing the challenge, but nothing official. So along with you all, today is the first time I’m going to see some numbers as well!

Previous Data:
Week 3 total: 18.09 miles
Week 2 total: 19.57 miles
Week 1 total: 13.08

Grand total at the end of Week 3: 50.74 miles

Week 4 (April 8-14): 26.73
Week 5 (April 15-21): 22.17
Week 6 (April 22-28): 26.09

Total at the end of Week 6: 125.73 miles!!!

Wow! I’m impressed! The goal was to hit 100 miles and I managed to do it in a little over 5 weeks. I’ve definitely been enjoying this task and I plan to keep going!!!

Week 7 results coming shortly!

If you’re interested in learning more about the #Walk100MilesChallenge and the wonderful participants….. CLICK HERE!!!

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