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Week 7 Update: #Walk100MilesChallenge

Hey All!

Since I’m rather far behind on most things related to my blog (oops!), I just posted my weeks 4-6 update for the #Walk100MilesChallenge. Surprisingly, I have already passed the 100 mile mark and hit 125.75 miles by the end of week 6. However, I decided to keep going with the challenge since I have been enjoying it. My next goal is to hit 200 miles!

It’s been a beautiful week here where I live. Unfortunately I didn’t get to walk as much as I wanted to but I did manage to get a few long walks in. I’ve also decided to start training for the Tely10 but I haven’t registered yet. I want to see if I’ll be around and if I am actually capable of doing it. Until then, let’s get on to the results for Week 7!




This Weeks Total: 26.98 miles

Week 6 total: 26.09 miles
Week 5 total: 22.17 miles
Week 4 total: 26.73 miles
Week 3 total: 18.09 miles
Week 2 total: 19.57 miles
Week 1 total: 13.08 miles

Grand total at the end of Week 7: 152.71 miles!

This is pretty awesome!! I’ve already managed to get almost 7 miles towards next week! It has definitely been that little bit of extra motivation that I needed to keep me going!

If you’re interested in learning more about the #Walk100MilesChallenge and the wonderful participants….. CLICK HERE!!!


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