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Week 2 Updates – #Walk100MilesChallenge

Hey All!

I’m back today with an update on the #Walk100MilesChallenge that I am participating in, along with some lovely ladies. If you’d like to learn more about this challenge and who is involved, click here!


So how did I do?

Well.. to be honest I haven’t been feeling the best this week. My allergies have been causes my sinuses to be a pest. And then on top of that I ended up feeling more and more miserable as the time went on yesterday. I ended up waking around 2AM with a horrible sore throat and that has kept getting worse as the day progressed. I also have a very annoying headache that keeps getting worse. With that being said today has basically been a write off for me. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.

Along with not feeling the best, Mother Nature still has some tricks up her sleeve and we’ve had pretty nasty weather this week. As I write there is a combination of freezing rain and snow outside, along with a wind warning that makes the conditions outside even worst. I’m soooo over this and cannot wait until we actually get to experience some Spring.

With that being said, I have tallied up the miles walked this week. I was pleasantly surprised. I guess going out to walk around the stores and the mall has helped!

This weeks total: 19.57 miles
Last weeks total: 13.08 miles

Total miles to date: 32.65

Overall I guess I am pleased with the progress. My goal for this past week was to increase the number of miles. I’m going to challenge myself to do the same for this week. Stay tuned to see if I succeed!

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