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A Little Haul!

Hey All!
So today I come to you with a small haul. Over the past couple of days I have bought a few neat things and got some things in the mail so I figured I’d share with you all.

First of all, I did a bit of shopping on Saturday while the boyfriend and I decided to walk around in the downtown part of where we live. We enjoy doing this from time to time. Not only is it great exercise, but we get to check out all the neat local shops in the area.
One of the places we went was called Magic Wok Grocery. It is this neat little Asian grocery store in the downtown area. There were many things we were interested in trying but decided to settle for two this time around. I’m sure we’ll go back there again.

The boyfriend picked up a pack of Sesame Seed Cookies (Coconut Tree Brand). We often buy these at Dollarama to be honest (a different brand of course). These intrigued him because they were black and it was the first time we’ve seen black sesame seeds used in a cookie (or really knew that you could get black sesame seeds).The ingredients are simply sesame seeds, peanuts, sugar and water. This is a product of Vietnam. These are different but aren’t bad. There seems to be a hint of burned sesame seeds to these. Not sure if it is suppose to be like this but that’s what we find.
We also bought some Green Tea Rice Cake. These come 6 pieces to a box and are ready to eat. These are from the Kuo Hua Trading Company Limited in Markham, Ontario but claims it is a product of Taiwan. I haven’t tried these yet but I’ll try to remember to share my opinion on these.


The next two items are things I’ve been looking at for a while but could not bring myself to buy both. However, a few days ago I saw a local youtuber  (thanks Amandaandlolanl!) share a picture on Instagram saying that there were on clearance. I had to go and check them out.

First is the Zoella Beauty Soap Pop. This is fragrance soap on a stick.

This cute soap on a stick is such a sweetie! With a calming fragrance and skin-loving ingredients including Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe, it’s sure to be your new favorite body cleanser, bar-none! Once you’ve lathered up, discover a secret message hidden on the stick inside… Apply to damp skin in the bath or shower for a squeaky clean feeling. Rinse Well.

Then I picked up a Zoella Beauty Soak Opera Bath & Shower Cream.

Keep calm with the ‘beauty in a bottle’ bath soak. Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe extracts soften and condition the skin while the delicate fragrance calms the senses with soothing floral notes. Say hello to your new bubbly bestie! Pour this creamy body cleanser under warm running water or apply straight to damp skin for a gorgeously scented bath or shower. Rinse Well!


I found the cutest little notebook that I found in Dollarama. It is just a small notebook with ‘Things are about to get really good’ written on it. I bought it as a little notebook to throw into my purse because I am always looking for ways to jot something down while out.



While being bored one day and searching on Amazon, I discovered Carrot Cake Hersey’s Kisses. These were something I definitely wanted to try, so I order them. They taste like carrot cake with cream cheese icing.


However, I wouldn’t recommend eating a whole bunch at once because they are rather sweet. Nonetheless, they are great for a treat!


I also received a few things in the mail that I am going to review in the coming week/weeks. First of all, BOOKS! I am in a few book clubs where I get sent books to read and review and I absolutely love it. I’ve been sent some in the past that I would probably have never looked at if it wasn’t for this and they have been great. This month I received three books.
First of all I was sent the The 5 Love Languages – Singles Edition by Gary Champman from Moody Publishers.


According to the little blurb on the back of the book,

‘Great advice for any relationship. With over 10 million copies solid, The 5 Love Languages has proven applicable to every relationship, romantic or not. The premise is simple: Each person give and receives love in certain language, and speaking it will help the relationship grown.’

I am not single by any means but I was interested in reading this when I saw it. It claims that it will do things such as help you understand yourself and others better, grow closer to family and friends, and so on; so I decided that it was worth the read. Keep watching the blog of a review in the future.
I also received two books from Nuts About Books.


First, I received Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley. This is a Memphis Cold Case Novel, detailing the search for the really killer of one of our protagonists. Our second protagonists, also a Detective, took personal interest in this case since a relative of his confessed to the murder (even though he is innocent) and will soon be wrongly executed for murder.
I also received a mini coloring book, which I am excited about. It is called ‘Words of Grace’ by Jacqui Grace and Dee Arrand. It is a coloring book Devotional. I’ve never had a Devotional before but I’m going to give it a try this month. I can’t promise I’ll agree with everything that it says, but I’m willing to try most things at least once.


Finally, I received a package from PlayMaty. Inside the package was a Magnetic Toy.
Magnetic Toy is a unique construction set that allows you to combine amazingly strong magnetic rods and spheres to create building, structures, mathematical shapes, physics and chemistry models- virtually anything you can imagine – you can build it with Magnetic toy!



Well that’s all for now! I’m hoping to be back with another blog post in the next couple of days. Until then, have you bought or received any neat things recently? I’d love to hear all about them!!

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