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February Favorites

February is the shortest month of the year. However, so much has happened this month. The beginning of the month was fairly slow for work and everything else in my life. Towards the middle of the month I started getting more calls and it has been keeping me on my toes. As I write this I am just starting to feel better after dealing with a headache and some dizziness over the past few days.

We ended up with a pretty big storm towards the middle of the month which basically shut the city down for a few days. It was reported that the groundhog didn’t see his shadow so we would have an early Spring (if you believe in this). I wouldn’t mind an early Spring. I am so ready for some warm weather and sun!

In order to help deal with these long Winter months I have been reading some books, watching some television shows, and checking out some local music. I haven’t created a favorites post in a while, so I decided this would be something interesting to share. So let’s get going!

Aussie Hair Insurance:


This is one of my holy grail products. It was fairly hard to find around here for a while but I was lucky enough to find a few bottles at my local Sobey’s and I grabbed three bottles. I love the smell of this product. I love how it makes my curly hair so much easier to brush after using it. It helps to cut down on the frizz. What more can you ask for? However, if you use a product similar to this I’d love to hear about it and give it a try!


 L’Oreal Total Repair:


I am one of those who find a shampoo brand and sticks to it. I always bought Herbal Essences. It was the brand that I would always go to and I found a few shampoos that worked great with my hair. However, I was in a slump earlier this month and felt that the shampoo I was using just wasn’t working for me. I ended up finding the L’Oreal Total Repair shampoo on sale and decided to give it a try. It works great for my hair. I’ve noticed that it is so much easier to brush. It helped to rejuvenate my hair after the harsh cold Winter decided to cause some issues. I’d definitely repurchase this.


Salty City:


So the boyfriend is in a band. They recently released their first single “Find Myself” over at and Head over and give it a listen!

We have also went out and supported some of the local bands that we know. If you’d like to hear more about this, please let me know!


Backstreet Boys:


Over the past few months any BSB fans have definitely heard that they were working on a song with Florida Georgia Line. This song was recently released and just this past week they released a music video. Go check it out.

They also start their Vegas residency on Wednesday. I am excited to be actually going to see them in June and meet up with some great friends! I’ll definitely blog about this in the future.



Growing up I had read many Archie comics. I was excited to hear that they were bringing this to TV. So far it is like a teenage drama/murder mystery. You’d got your main characters like Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead; along with some of the minor characters. I don’t want to give too much information away about the show but you definitely should check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


The Walking Dead:


It came back this month!! I find that it is either you are a fan of the show or not a fan. The show is more than just chasing, running away from, and killing zombies. There are relationships formed and torn apart. We see how people grow and change. So don’t just look at the title or see the glimpse of people killing zombies, give it a chance and check it out.


The Inn Keeper of Ivy Hill:

I recently finished reading this book. It isn’t a book I would normally be drawn to but I am glad I gave it a try. If you’d like to read my review on this book, click here!!


So I’ve decided that I am going to include one youtuber each month that I have been following. This month I decided to highlight Shelly from Shelly’s Home Life 

I just recently subscribed to her. She makes lifestyle videos dealing with home life (cleaning, cooking, etc), vlogs, DITL, Weight Watcher check ins and so on. I really enjoy watching her videos. She’s honest and real with her subscribers. She shares both the good and the not so good things that happen daily. I’d definitely recommend checking her out at one of her channels. What are you waiting for?


That’s some of the main things I’ve been enjoying this month. I’d love to hear about some of the things you’ve been loving. Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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