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Rambling: Valentine’s Day

Hey all!

So it’s the day after Valentine’s Day.

It’s also Day 2 of this crazy storm that has decided to hit Newfoundland. It’s not so bad out right now but I’m definitely over Winter… and SNOW! I’m not sure what the official snowfalls is for the area I live, but I know that as of like 6AM we were bordering on 45 cm of snow.

Now back to Valentine’s Day. I’ve never really been a big fan of the whole idea. Well, that’s kind of a lie. I use to love it when I was in primary school. We would have Valentine’s activities and pass out a Valentine to our friends. I know that I always made sure to have one for everyone in my class.. I never wanted anyone to feel left out.

Fast-forward to teenage years. At this point it was more about the Valentine’s Dance, receiving a balloon from your secret admirer (we had this thing in school where you could buy a balloon in secret and it would be delivered to a person of your choosing on Valentine’s Day or the day before if you weren’t in school). It was all about having a significant other. I wasn’t a fan.

I think when the idea of Love and it being a day focusing on couples I lost all interest. Everyone always said that I would feel differently when I was in a relationship. NOPE, nothing changed. I still feel as if you do not need a particular day to show someone how much you care. I feel that random surprises are so much better. A surprise doesn’t mean that you have to spend money; it could be something as simple as cooking supper or cleaning! I’d love to come home to both done for me!!!

With that being said, I did have a great Valentine’s Day. We both had a snow day so we spent a portion of the day shoveling. We made wraps and fries for supper and watched a movie. Simple, but great. We also didn’t go overboard with ‘surprises’. I made him a board to hang his collection of beer coasters on


and he made me some chocolate covered strawberries. I was very impressed!!!


Well that’s all for today. I ended up shoveling for 2 hours earlier and I am pretty sore because of it. However, the fitbit didn’t pick that up (which sucks!). I don’t plan on doing much more for the rest of the night.

Even though I claim that Valentine’s Day is not one of my favorite times of the year but I’d love to hear how yours went. Hopefully you didn’t have a pile of snow to deal with!!!


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