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Review: Bean Around The World Rainforest Organic #BATWCoffee

Hey All!

Today I’m bringing you a review for one of my favorite things lately: COFFEE!

A few months ago the boyfriend and I were given a chance to review the Bean Around The World Rainforest Organic Dark Roast. I was super excited to receive this and, to be honest, this didn’t last very long in our home.

Funny thing is, I’ve often teased my boyfriend about being a coffee snob. He likes to try different coffees, in different forms. One of our favorite past times is to visit the small, locally owned coffee shops both where we live and when we go on vacation. It just seemed fitting that we would given this coffee a try.


Bean Around the World states that they take pride in their product, with 100% of their beans roasted in small batched. Another thing I like about them is that they stick to their roots and do not follow trends. Their description states that they “stick to [their] roots and do what [they] like. All roasting is overseen and observed for sight, smell and sound following traditional artisan roasting practices.”


At first glance (or sniff!) the coffee smelled great. Once grind and brewed, the coffee was likable and enjoyable to drink. It has a bold, rich flavor that gave you just a little extra bounce in your step in the morning.

Being the self-proclaimed ‘coffee snobs’, we have  many different types of coffee paraphernalia; makers, a coffee grinder, milk frother, and the list goes on. It was no surprise that we would try this coffee out using a variety of different techniques.

We often make our coffees in different ways. This coffee worked well when brewed in a mocha pot and used to create homemade specialty beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes. It also worked well as an single coffee, brewed through a Keurig when you are running late or in a rush.

The coffee beans remained fresh as indicated in the description given. We would grind a weeks’ worth of coffee at a time and kept it in a sealed, glass container. This coffee would remain fresh for the entire week.
Overall it is a nice dark roast. It is something we’d definitely buy again and are interested in trying other blends from Bean Around The World. This coffee didn’t last long in our home and we have been looking at the different varieties that they offer with the possibility of ordering more when our current bean collection is diminished.

Are you interested in learning more about Bean Around The World? If so, by simply clicking the name you will be brought to their website. You can also order directly from their page or from Amazon by clicking HERE!
** I received this item at a discounted priced. However, all opinions are my own based on personal experience. This product was great and did not last long in my home. It is something I would definitely purchase again!

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