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Chickadvisor: Dove Shower Foam Review – #DoveShowerFoam #AsLightAs #Gotitfree

Hey All!

I’ve been an avid user of the Dove products for a number of years now. It was the brand of soap that was recommended to us in order to help keep our skin moisturized when there was a chance of it becoming too dry. This was a brand that I know people use when other brands cause them to experience some form of allergy. It was a brand we were comfortable with.

I was excited to be given the opportunity to try this for free from ChickAdvisor. A new Dove product you say? Yes, Please!


We were given three different types of shower foams (SHOWER FOAMS!!) to test.

Dove Shower Foam Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Foaming Body Wash


The idea of a foaming body wash was intriguing on its own; but to add the fresh scent of the combination of cucumber and green tea sold me. I’ve always associated this scent with freshness. I was excited to see that it did leave that fresh and clean aroma both during and after use.

Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture Foaming Body Wash


I would have to say out of the three foams that this was my least favorite. I enjoy using body washes with some form of scent. However, this one did not have a scent that I was particularly fond of. It is the scent that I generally associate with bars of soap, like those I would use as a child before discovering the wonderful world of body washes.

Dove Shower Foam Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Foaming Body Wash


Out of all of the shower foams, the shea butter with Warm Vanilla is my favorite. The scent is slight, with the tiniest hint of vanilla but it leaves you feeling fresh and smelling great. However, this is definitely not the shower foam for you if you are looking for something with a strong scent that lasts for hours.


I was excited to see that these bottles included a pump to get the product out. A few pumps of this will give you a light and airy lather, perfect for cleaning. Dove boasts that each bottle contains more than 250 pumps; which seems to give you a great deal of product for your buck. However, I find that you will definitely need a few pumps of this each time you use it to ensure maximum cleanliness.
The description for this line of body washes claims that “the Dove body was formula contains our NutrientMoisture technology, with skin natural nutrients that help protect your skin from dryness.” I haven’t really had the chance to use what I feel is enough of the product to accurately comment on this idea. However, I am cursed with dry skin in the Winter months and I haven’t noticed it getting any worst since I started using this product. This is a bonus for me.
I would definitely recommend the Dove Foaming Body Washes. They are definitely a neat new treat for all of us to experience!

I want to thank @Chickadvisor and @Dove for giving me the opportunity to try these Shower Foams! #DoveShowerFoam #AsLightAs #Gotitfree


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