Blogmas, Updates

Blogmas Day 1 – Updates

Hey all!

It’s been over a month since my last post. Things have been busy.

Towards the end of October (and Blogtober) I ended up getting a replacement position at a school I have been working at (and subbing at) off and on for the past three years. At first I was only suppose to be there for a month but it ended up getting extended until Christmas! I enjoy the position I am in and I love what I do.

During the month of November the Boyfriend was gone on a work trip so my Mom ended up coming in and staying with me for a few weeks. We spent some time getting ready for the holidays and baking some goodies for her to take home. I have to start my Christmas baking soon!

We’ve got the house mostly decorated for Christmas now. We’ve got a few more lights to put up and a few more decorations to add around the house but that should be done over the next few days.

I don’t really have any ideas for what I’d like to do for Blogmas yet. I definitely have to think of some neat things to share. I’ve got a few reviews coming up that I could post. I also have some fun events coming up that I could write about. I’d also like to do some collabs with people if anyone is interested!

I look forwards to reading other Blogmas posts and seeing the Vlogs that people are posting over on Youtube! It should be a great month!


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