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Blogtober Day 23: The Walking Dead


Tonight is the long awaited premier of The Walking Dead! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. We learn tonight which character was on the receiving end of Negan’s evilness.

In honor of this, the Boyfriend and I created our supper from a recipe found in The Snacking Dead: A Parody in a Cookbook by D.B. Walker. I decided this would be something interesting to share with you all!

Let’s dig in!


The first thing we created was from the appetizer section. We settled on a creation called “Gutted Mushrooms with Bacon and Spinach”.


These were great! But I wasn’t a big fan on the type of cheese we used on the top. I’d definitely try them with an altered recipe next time.

One of the neat things about this book is the commentary and tips that are added. On this particular page it says:

Walkers are attracted by sounds, bright light, and the smell of people, but they can’t smell bacon. Quickly sort biters from survivors with the powerful aroma of bacon. – The Snacking Dead Cookbook

The main course that we decided on was the “Backwoods Burrito”.  We ended up changing up the recipe and little because I’m not a fan of black beans. We added a few things in place of it. Our spread looked something like this:


I also used chicken breasts cut into small cubes instead of ground beef. I discovered I wasn’t a big fan of cilantro either. I’d definitely leave that out next time.

Overall our supper was great! We also made a great snack to eat while watching the show (that I’ll share tomorrow). I’m anxiously awaiting for the show to come on now!!!

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead. If you do leave me a comment letting me know what you though of the show!!!

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