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Blogtober Day 18: HoneyBar Review

Hey all!

On the way home from work today (and everyday!) I check my mail. To

day I received a sample from HoneyBar (which I cannot remember signing up for). I was excited to try this and shared it with the boyfriend as a little dessert after Supper.


HoneyBar has been producing the same delicious taste for people all over the world for over two and a half decades. According to the website:

After retiring in 1987, Frank Sardelis, a baker by trade, decided to use his baking experience to create a new snack bar. Recalling the snacks from his boyhood days in Greece, a traditional treat made with sesame seeds, honey and sugar, Frank developed the first HoneyBar. But instead of using sugar he sweetened the bar with only honey, creating a better and healthier bar – a HoneyBar! The ingredients were Sesame & ONLY honey.

Since then, the company has been expanded and sold. As well, the HoneyBar Products received Advantage Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certification to help ensure the manufacture of safe food products. In 2010, it received the British Retail Consortium Certification. Most recently, the company has moved, doubled in size, and launched many new flavors!

I received the Quinoa & Cranberry Snack Bar (40g/1.4oz)


I was definitely impressed when reading the ingredients! This bar consisted of: Peanuts, Honey, Dried Apricots, Peanut Butter, Quinoa, Dried Cranberries (Cranberries, Apple Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Oil), Almonds, Raisins, Crisp Brown Rice and Cinnamon. All items we can pronounce! SCORE!!

This bar also claimed to be :

  • Low in Saturated Fats
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Cholestorl Free
  • Free of Sodium
  • Source of Fibre
  • Source of Energy
  • Wheat & Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Made in Canada
  • Kosher


I loved these! So did the boyfriend! I am definitely going to look to see if I can buy these around here (or order them somewhere online). I’d love to be able to try other types!

Do you have something that you love and think I should try? Leave a comment and let me know!!

** I received a sample of this bar in the mail from signing up for a free sample! All the reviews and opinions are my own. All the information about the bar comes from the website***



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