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Blogtober Day 17: Weekly Planner DIY

Hey All!

Today I’m coming to you with some pictures of how I decorated my planner this week. I have been rather enjoying brightening it up with stickers and deco tape in order to brighten up my days!

This weeks theme is Halloween. I’ve simply added some Halloween themed goodies!


Over the past little while I’ve been adding some planner supplies to my collection. Here’s what I decided to work with today!



The stickers and tape are from Dollarama! I got the planner while on vacation this Summer in Marshalls! (which reminds me, rumour has it that we’ll be getting one here in the new year!)


This is a a simple picture of my spread! I added the plans for the week afterwards. I mostly keep when and where I am working each day, along with special events and plans with friends, written in the planner.

Do you keep a planner yourself? What are you planner must-haves?

I hope to hear from you all soon!!!

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