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Blogtober Day 15: Youngway Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Hey all!

I’m back today with another review! I was recently introduced to Bluetooth Headphones and loved them. However, I wanted some that I could use when being more active. I wanted ones that I could ensure would not fall out of my ears if I am exercising. I was excited to find the Youngway Sport Bluetooth Headphones for just this reason.


The Youngway Sport Bluetooth Headphones give you the option of wearing them three different ways: simply as earbuds, earbuds with a hook, and earbuds with an attachment to secure them around your ears (ear loops). My favorite for exercising was definitely the last option. I have had no issue with them falling out of my ears and they fit comfortably, which are exactly what I was looking for.

It boasts a Bluetooth 4.1 Technology which works flawlessly, as long as your device (in my case a phone) is placed close to the earbuds (about 10 m apart). These earbuds can connect to two devices simultaneously and will automatically connect after the first pairing. The sound quality is great (stereo quality), exactly what you would expect from earbuds.
These earbuds are easy to use. You have the option of using the playback, next song, volume, and phone buttons to make use easier, especially if the device you are paired to is not within hands reach. It definitely makes using these earbuds much of effective and efficient.

It doesn’t take overly long to charge these earbuds and they last for about 4.5 hours use. It also comes with a 12 month, worry-free warranty, which is always a bonus! I would definitely recommend checking these out!
**I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. These opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other means. **

If you are interested in checking these out, CLICK HERE! (The link takes you to the Amazon page)

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