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Blogtober Day 8: Review – Mozeat Tripod

Hey All!

I’m back today with another review. Many of you may not be aware that the boyfriend plays in a band and I am often recording videos for them during their shows. I am not the steadiest when it comes to this, especially when they play late on Friday nights after a long week. I was looking for something to help out with this and discovered a mini tripod. Keep reading to see what I thought of it!!


Recently, I have started to get more into photography and taking pictures. I’m not the steadiest, especially if I’m tired so many of the videos I’ve taken have some out rather shaky. I decided it was time to find something to help remedy this. I was excited to find a tripod that I could use with my cell phone AND be used with my digital camera if I wanted. I’m a big fan of multi-purpose tools!
I had no issues setting up my Samsung phone on this tripod. I simply used the adjustable tripod adapter that came included. In order to place the phone in this spring attachment you simply pull on the silver part to fit your phone. The phone was secure in this attachment and there is no reason to worry about damage.

Using this tripod will aid in any creative shots you wish to take. It has an adjustable ball head which allows you to use multiple shooting angles. To do this you simply pull on the little lever that says Mozeat Lens and adjust to the angle you want. When satisfied, simply push the lever closed and it remain secure at the adjusted angle.


Another great feature of this tripod is that it is compact, foldable, durable and lightweight. It is definitely easy to carry around on outings. It has nonslip flexible rubber legs and feet help to keep the tripod stable and secure on any surface you may place it on. This is definitely a bonus to ensure the safety of your phone or camera.


I am definitely pleased with the tripod. It is perfect for its intended use and I am impressed with how much easier it has been taking clear pictures and videos that are not shaky. I’d definitely recommend it for this use. It should also be noted that they offer a great customer incentive by offering 18 months warranty and a 100% money back guarantee. It shows that the seller is confident in their products.

**I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. These opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other means.**

For more information, or if you are interesting in purchasing one of your very own, please CLICK HERE! (The link takes you to the Amazon page for this item).

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