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Blogtober Day 6: Review -Slim Leather Wallet by TIL

Hey All!

Today I’m back with another review. About a year ago my boyfriend started complaining about his wallet – it was too bulky and was a pain to carry around. I searched for different replacement options for him with no luck. However, after searching online I found a slim wallet that I ordered and he loved. He has had the wallet for a while now and it was about time for an upgrade of a wallet of the same type.


This time I chose the Slim Leather Wallet by TIL. I was intrigued by its RFID blocking as the boyfriend travels frequently for work and we all hear that the RFID blocking items are recommended for travel. I was also impressed that this wallet was made with leather and had storage for a bit of cash and a few cards that are necessary to have on hand at all times; all while staying slim and lightweight. The center of this wallet holds up to five cards. Without seeing this wallet many people will think that it would cause problems having to take out all five cards. However, the beauty of this wallet is the fact that you can simply pull the tab at the end of the ribbon to remove any of the cards from the center. The cards will easily come out half way without falling out and you can easily choose the card that you want.

I have to mention the packaging. It came packaged beautifully in an elegant black box with gold lettering on it. This is great for those ordering this as a gift.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product to those looking for something to just carry a few cards around. We have ordered similar ones before and probably will again as this type of wallet is my boyfriends go to right now.
**I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. These opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other means.**

If you’re interested in learning more about this fantastic wallet, CLICK HERE! (Link takes you to the amazon page).

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