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Blogtober Day 5 – Lush Haul!

While on vacation in July I was lucky enough to visit a Lush location and got to see some of the ‘new to me’ products that they have. Keep in mind, it’s been about two years since I have been able to go to an actual store. I have been ordering online.



One of these ‘new to me’ products that I picked up were the Bath Oils. This is how the Lush website describes these oils:

When it comes to bathtime luxury, we don’t hold back. Our solid bath oils deliver an enchanted bathing experience for those times when you truly want to transform your body and mind. Decadent natural butters and loads of gorgeous essential oils melt into the water and then into your skin, creating a supremely softening and scented sanctuary. –

I was intrigued. I was impressed by the smells (they smelled AMAZING) but the fact that they were oils and a solid. I had never tried a product that was similar, so I was sold. However, I was a little worried that these would melt in the heat since they were suppose to melt in water. However, I had no issues with that for storage!

The first one that caught my attention was You’ve Been Mangoed. Lush2.jpg

I love most things mango so I didn’t have to think twice about scooping up this awesome bath oil. It smells AMAZING! Here is the description from to help better describe this oil.

Zesty lemongrass luxury
Give yourself a caffeine-free energy boost with this zippy bath treat. Its zesty lemongrass oil lifts your spirits while organic shea butter and mango butter leave your skin as soft as a tropical dream. Feast your eyes on a vivid green scene on your bath water as its electric color unwinds to bring an extra lively punch to your bathing experience.-

The second one I chose was Floating Island.


It had a very familiar and comforting smell that I could not pass up. It is described as:


Creamy sandalwood luxury
Sink into the tub and escape to your own fragrant, soothing island of tranquility. Fair trade vanilla bean, sandalwood and lemon oils create a dreamy scent to soothe the soul, while organic cocoa butter and shea butter transform bath water into a silky, softening sanctuary. Lie back and slip away to an island of luxury, and emerge ready to take on the real world.-

These were the only two I picked up to try. I have a feeling I will be ordering more in the future!

I also picked up my first lip scrub from Lush.I have seen them reviewed time and time again as a favorite product on many of the Youtube videos I watch but would never try it. This time I decided to treat myself and the Bubblegum lip scrub was my favorite of the three choices.


It is described as:

Candy confection
Got a sweet tooth? You’re gonna love this sugary treat. With a sweet, candy-like flavor that stays true to its name, Bubblegum is one delightful lip scrub. Give your lips a gentle exfoliation with fine castor sugar and moisturizing organic jojoba oil to leave them feeling soft, smooth and supple. Your favorite lip balm, lip tint or lipstick will glide on effortlessly once you’ve Bubblegum’d. –

I am saving this for the Fall/Winter months when my lips are the driest. I will definitely post a review in an upcoming empties!

That’s all that I picked up this time around. I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments.

Until next time!

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