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Blogtober Day 2 – CIBC Run for the Cure

Hey All!

So last night I ended up starting to feel sick. I was hoping it would turn out to be nothing but I am miserable. I can’t stop sneezing, my head is pounding and I have no energy whatsoever. Sigh!

But I am rather stubborn and even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest I still went and participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure because it was something that touched close to home. Let me explain…..



October always seems to be a month when my life is turned upside down. Two years ago my Mom broke her hip in October. One year ago we lost my Uncle after a battle with Cancer and my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, hence the walk.

In January of this year my Mom had a double mastectomy. We discovered that she had two different types of Cancer after this. She opted to take Chemotherapy in the form of a pill and had 5 weeks of radiation. She still finds pain from this but is doing well otherwise.

I decided this Summer that I was going to do this walk in honor of her (especially since she would not be able to do something like this herself). I did some online fundraising and Mom took some sponsor sheets for friends and family. I am grateful to those who donated. Even though I didn’t think I would make it the full 5km, I got ready to go.


Mike went with me, along with some past friends/co-workers (and their families) of mine. It ended up not being as bad as I expected and I was able to complete the 5km with no issues. But I’m paying for it now… hahaha. We are already planning to do the Run for Women again in June!

It was definitely a great time and I look forward to doing it again tomorrow. In the meantime I am heading to bed with the hopes of feeling at least a bit better before going to work tomorrow!!


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