Blogtober – Day 1

Hey All!

It’s been a while since I did a real blog post! I’ve missed it but there has been so much going on here and this was pushed to the back burner. I decided that there was no better time to revive my blog then Blogtober! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with blogging everyday this month. I’ve got some interested treats in store for you all and I’m hoping to give this blog some sort of a face lift.

I spent most of today running errands.We had some old paint cans that needed proper disposal. We had to pick up a few grocery items we were out of. We needed to pick up our tshirts and donate some money raised for tomorrows event. We needed some shovels to dig holes…

When I told my friend we were out buying shovels her first response was what did you do and how much is bail? Hahaha. We had to dig a hole to fix a crack in the concrete in our garage that was leaking water. Here’s what the finished product (minus the hole being filled in) look like:


Hahaha. Towards the end of this event friends of ours came to visit and to have supper. Before supper we went on a short walk to see some pumpkins and a beautiful sunset!


Overall it was a pretty good day. We got many of the things done that we wanted to. Let’s hope tomorrow brings the same.

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