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Roomi All-In-One Hanging Travel Toiletries Bag Review

Hi All!

Most of us know the struggle of packing for any form of travel. I love to travel but packing definitely isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve been researching different methods of packing in order to perfect my methods and travel with as little stress as possible.

One of my biggest issues when travelling is finding the best products to use to pack effectively and take up the least amount of space possible. One of the areas I struggle with the most is packing toiletries items. I am one of those people that don’t want to waste the products I already have or spend a ridiculous amount of money buying travel sized products. I want something that holds everything I need, without taking up valuable real-estate in my suitcase.

The Roomi All-In-One Hanging Travel Toiletries Bag seemed to be the answer to all my problems and I quickly ordered a Black one to try. I was pleasantly surprised with the bag when it arrived. First of all, it comes with a dust bag to use as storage when the bag is not in use. This alone is an indication of the quality of this product. I was impressed.

This is a tri-folded bag, with three zippered sections and a hook sewed to the inside of the bag to allow you to hang it in small areas. It is fashioned with two magnetic clasps to ensure the bag will stay closed when folded.


The first zippered section (the smallest one) is great for items such as hair bands, nail clippers, make-up brushes, or other smaller items. The other two zippered pouches are bigger and can easily fit travel sized or full sized items. Each pocket is sewed around to ensure that the pockets will successfully hold the products. Also, each pocket is made of a netted material which allows you to see all available items without having to dig through different products with the hopes of finding the one you want.

I wasn’t concerned with being able to fit my favorite products in the bag. I knew that wouldn’t be an issue. My main concern was how bulky it would be when I folded the bag completely. This was put to the test on a weekend getaway and I was greatly impressed. Even when packed full of products, I was able to fold the bag neatly and pack it into my suitcase with ease. I appreciated the hook even more after discovering that the bathroom was super tiny. I was able to hang it on the towel rack and easily access my products.














This bag is made of a Nylon material that is supposed to be waterproof and durable. It is definitely a durable bag and one that is easy to clean if anything should waste. It does not protect against product spills since the pockets are composed of netting. However, this would not stop be from purchasing and using this product because these products can be placed in plastic bags for extra protection.

Since receiving this product, I have used it for travel without any issues. It keeps my products easily accessible and organized. This is a bag that I will definitely keep in my rotation and have already been thinking of other ways that it could be useful (I am thinking great for packing jewelry!). It is definitely a product that I would recommend to friends and family and purchase as gifts in the future.

**I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other means. If you are interested in buying one of your own, CLICK HERE!

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