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Wonder4 Cotton Linen Music Note Decorate Throw Pillow Case Review

Even though I moved into my new home almost four years ago, I am still adding bits and baubles to dress the place up. My boyfriend is an musician and one room in our house is dedicated to his ‘toys’. We often entertain in this room and the pillows on our sofa in this area just don’t cut it. I discovered the Cotton Linen Music Note Decorate Throw Pillow Case Cover on my hunt for something the spruce up the place.


The pillow arrived folded neatly into a small package. When unfolding it you are left with some lines in the fabric. However, it doesn’t take long for these to disappear on its own. I just put it on the pillow because I wanted to see how it looked and the wrinkles came right out. I would suggest washing this piece by hand, however, to ensure it does not fall apart. I cannot speak to the durability of this in a washing machine but it has been my experience with other pillow cases in the past (from other locations).

According to the description, this pillow case is 18X18. The insert I had purchased to use with this pillow is a bit too small but it will do for now. I’m impressed with the size, as there is not a large size contrast between the pillow and the sofa. As well, it is the perfect size to use for an afternoon snooze. I also love the fact that it came in a cream color instead of a bright white. I try to avoid pure whites at all costs when it comes to something like this.

The product arrived towards the latter end of its expected arrival time. I had no issue with this, considering it clearly stated that it was being shipped from China and it usually takes a while to reach here. I opened the package quickly upon arrival as I was on my way out. With just a glance it seemed to be a rough burlap sack. I was disappointed but thought no more of it. However, when I arrived back home that night I decided to take it out to have a good look at it. I was presently surprised. It does have a burlap look; however it is a soft cotton material and IT LOOKS GREAT! Another bonus was the hidden zipper closure. You can easily access the zipper to place an insert inside but the zipper isn’t noticeable when placed on a sofa (another bonus)!


Everyone who has seen this pillow cover has been impressed so far. I’ve had people ask where they could purchase one like it! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own, click here!

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