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Evecase Running Fitness Belt Review

Hey all! It’s been a while but I’ve been busy busy. However, that’s for another post. Today I’m bringing you a review of an excellent product I’ve discovered! The Evecase Running Fitness Belt!


I’ve recently become more active in regards to walking and hiking in the great outdoors. I noticed a friend of mine use a similar bag during a recent race we completed in order to raise money for a great cause and was intrigued. The Evecase Running Fitness Belt was the outcome of this.

This is an all-purpose bag that can be used for walking, hiking, running, travelling, or anything you see fit. Seeing the pictures online left me a little skeptical about the size nonetheless. I thought for sure that I wouldn’t be able to fit my phone in the pouch. However, my phone fits perfectly, along with keys and anything else that I would need to take! (Dimensions: fits waists 26in (66.0cm) to 44in (111cm).)


According to the ad for this bag, it is “designed out of a lightweight, quick drying, sweat resistant, thin neoprene material with soft, elastic bands.” This is one hundred percent accurate. I was impressed by the softness and foldability of this product. Other waist bags I’ve seen over the years are made of a rough material that digs into your waist, leaving an unpleasant experience and, when used for exercise, probably discouraging the individual from continuing to exercise. The Evecase bag is designed for comfort. Even the elastic is soft and designed to comfortably fit your body. No chafing! Score!!

The bag itself is a great multi-purpose tool with different compartments to hold necessities. The largest main pocket is divided inside, allowing you to separate items for quick access. All of these items are secured with a zipper. There is a little place to fit your headphones into in order to listen to music if you’d like, without having to open the zipper or keep your phone in your hand. There was one other pocket, a little pocket, that I thought would be great for change or any other items that would require easy access.
There is a spot to hold water bottles as well. I tried this out with the average 500ml water bottle and it fit great. The elastic ensured that the bottle would not fall out. However, I found it to be a little awkward to have a bottle that size attached to your side. I’ve seen smaller and different shaped water bottles that runners sometimes use that would fit perfectly. I’m definitely going to look into those!!

Another bonus about this product is that it is machine washable! Who doesn’t love a product that has simple care instructions and requires little effort to clean? I know I sure do!! The clasps also seem more sturdy than others I’ve seen and the rounded edges keeps the clasps from being uncomfortable while wearing it.
I’m definitely impressed with this product and will definitely get more use out of it. Not only is it more stylist than the regular ‘fanny’ packs we all had as kids (I had them for attending camp years ago), but our safety was taken into consideration when it was made. There is a simple grey line across the front of the pouch to serve as a reflector for those wearing it at dusk or in the night time. I am definitely impressed by this, as many items (and people) I’ve seen in the past seem to forget reflectors at night. Excellent addition!
Would I recommend this product to anyone? I sure would! Is this product worth it? It sure is! If you’re looking for a product similar to this, this is the one to get. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself one today!
I received this item free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own. Interested in checking it out for yourself? Click here!

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