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Music Review: All American – Nick Carter (#AllAmerican)

I’ve been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since 1996. I spent hours playing their music, making online friends who shared my interests in the music, and watching videos/television appearances.

Fast-forward 20 years. They have a well established fan base, 9 studio albums, countless concerts, and are one of the top selling boybands in history. We’ve watched them grow and change. We’ve interacted with them in ways we never imagined. We’ve supported them through thick and thin, watched them marry and start families, and supported their independent projects.

I never thought I would ever see them in concert. I was ecstatic the first time. Seeing them twice more since then just added icing to the cake. With that being said, I wish I was able to see Nick Carter on his tour as he promotes his third album, All American.


Nick Carter, the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys, has definitely seen his fair share of trials and tribulations over the past number of years. Nonetheless hi s fan base remains strong and some of the greatest people I have met. I’m proud to see what he has overcome and where her is today. I was especially excited when, months after the initial US release of All American, it was finally released in Canada.

All American is like a flashback to the 90’s, especially ’19 in 99.’ Just listening to this song reminds me of my early teenage years, being 15 in 99. Carter sings of memories from that year, mentioning things that were popular during that era.

It makes me wanna go back
in time
I know you remember when
you and I
Didn’t give a damn and we
would go all night
19 in 99
-19 in 99 (Nick Carter)

To top this off, he collaborated with Avril Lavinge, a Canadian-born singer whose popularity soared in 2001 with the release of songs like ‘Complicated’ and ‘Skater-boi,’ on the song ‘Get Over Me.‘ This song seems like an anthem to all those people who want to use people for their status, not be with them because of the amazing person they are.

Now I gotta stage five clinger
Wanna put a ring on my finger
Only want me cause I’m asinger
Get over me
– Get Over Me (Nick Carter ft. Avril Lavigne)

Many of the songs go back to his pop/dance roots; definitely different from his last album. You can’t help but sing along to the catchy lyrics, or do a crazy little dance as you listen. Through reading his thank yous, I learned that  he felt that his previous solo records didn’t reflect who is truly was.

This album is fun.

The lyrics have a meaning.

The album finishes off with ‘I Will Wait,’ a song so full of emotion and sincerity. It is definitely a great way to finish off the album.

“So I will wait for you
cause love was made for two
And I’ll hold on this time
No I won’t leave you behind
I will wait for you.”
-I Will Wait (Nick Carter)

What can I say? It’s been on repeat since I bought it on Saturday. It’s definitely worth a listen. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!!!

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