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Influenster Voxbox – L’Oreal Paris #Hairexpertise

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m bringing to you an amazing product by L’Oreal Paris.  I received these products complementary for testing purposes through the Influenster Voxbox program.


For those of you that don’t know Influenster (according to their website) is:

a community of trendsetters, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.

Influensters meet here to learn about new products from our favorite brands as well as review the products they already use in their day-to-day lives!

We invite our most active and social media savvy members to participate in exclusive rewards campaigns, such as:

  • – VoxBox campaigns where members receive complimentary full-size products to test and review!
  • – Interactive Twitter chats with celebrities and in-the-know experts
  • – Fun contests where members can earn sweet giveaways
  • – Special discounts on featured brands, services, and more!

In return, all we ask of our members is to do what they already love to do: share their opinions with their friends & followers on social media!

I was excited to receive this Voxbox as I haven’t received anything for a while. It was a bonus that these products were from L’Oreal Paris; a brand that I have been impressed with numerous times before.

According to L’Oreal:

Our advanced formulas are so fine-tuned to every kind of hair that they offer a unique solution to every problem. Because we believe that we can truly transform your hair, and deliver the science behind extraordinary hair, every day.

L’Oreal claims that “No matter what your hair need, there is a tailor-made L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise solution for you”. These include:

  • Nourishing Routine – From dry hair to silky-soft hair
  • Repairing Routine – From damaged hair to restored hair
  • Thickening Routine – From fine hair to thicker hair
  • Radiance Routine – From faded coloured hair to protected,vibrant hair
  • Reinforcing Routine – From weak, fragile hair with a tendency to fall to strong, restructured hair
  • Glossing Routine – From dull hair to glossy, luminous hair


I tried the Total Repair shampoo from the Repairing Routine before and loved it. I was excited to try the full Radiance Routine line this morning for the first time, and I had high expectations.

The Radiance Routine line consists of:


  • Color Radiance Shampoo: A shampoo with UV filters that nourishes coloured hair from root to tip and wraps it with protective care.
  • Color Radiance Conditioner: A caring conditioner that helps protect the hair fiber from external aggression’s and accentuates hair colour’s radiance.
  • Color Radiance Protective Instant Miracle: A rinse-out treatment that provides complete protective care to instantly condition dry, coloured hair and revive its shine.






Personal Review:

What did I think?
I loved it!
The shampoo smelled great, which is definitely a bonus. The Protective Instant Miracle already proved to be a success as the tips of my hair feel soft and silky, instead of the dryness I have been experiencing lately.

Another bonus was being able to brush out my hair without having to tug on the knots left in my hair from the wind (and curls) yesterday. This is definitely a bonus and one of the things I look for in a good hair care line. Way to go L’Oreal Paris!!


I encourage you all to join this amazing program and share your opinions. You never know what cool item you will get to review!!

@LOrealParisCAN #Influenster #Voxbox #ColorRadianceWorks #LOrealParis #HairExpertise #GotItFree

I just want to thank L’Oreal Paris and Influenster for this Complementary product! It was awesome!!

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