#MondayMemories, Blogtober

Blogtober Day 5 – Monday Memories

Happy Monday Everyone!

I kept thinking about what to post today and I honestly had very little motivation to write. I had a great day at work but I’m just drained, especially where I was sick for the past week.

I decided that today would be a good day to start something new. That led to me thinking about previous online journals/blogs I have kept.

With that in mind, let’s rewind to 2004 and a post from my LiveJournal account:

Hey Everyone.

Well, I spent all last night studying my ass of for the Genetics test that I had this morning dispite the nagging feeling that I should be sleeping due to lack of sleep and this stubborn cold that just doesn’t want to leave me. For what? Good question. This test didn’t seem overly hard but there is no way that I managed to pull off a good mark on this one. But the thing is… I usually feel good about those tests that I do good on and not so good about that ones that I do bad on. How do I feel about this one… indifferent. Does that mean I’ll be satisfied with the mark but wish for better?

Now I have to read some notes for the Biochem lab exam I have tomorrow. They gave us some things to prepare. I also have to read my Ecology lab since I have it at 2… it’s 11:30 now.

And yesterday I get online for one minute and friend of mine is buzzing me. It turns out she’s sent me a package in the mail…which I have to sign for. Now that has me a bit puzzled. She e-mails me this morning and says she can’t wait until I get it so she can see what I think of it. Now she’s even worrying me more..hahaha.
Oh this should be quite interesting to say the least. I just got a message from her asking could she give her friend my e-mail address because I told her to give her friend a message for me. See, she said she thought this guy was cute.. and I was like “You can think he’s cute all you like but you’ve got to share”.. haha. She want’s to reply. This should be quite interesting.

Well I better go wash the dishes and read my lab before I have to leave. Oh yeah, and getting lunch might me a good idea as well.


It’s been neat to read through some old posts. I found one talking about my oldest nephew being in Grade 2. Now he’s on his second year of university and living with me.

How things changes and time flies.

But right now I’m off to watch Dancing With The Stars!!

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