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Blogtober Day 4 – Snapshot Sundays: The Beauty of Newfoundland


Isn’t the photo above beautiful?

Last weekend I went to the cabin with the boyfriend. Early Saturday morning we piled into our boat (along with his Uncle) and went fishing (while the fishery was open). It was a beautiful, yet cold day! I remembered how beautiful it was when I was out last year (complete with icebergs and all) so I decided to chance taking the cell phone and taking a few pictures to share!

Our cabin is located in Central Newfoundland, closer to the West Coast then the Avalon Peninsula. Unfortunately, we don’t get to spend has much time there as we would like because of other commitments and it being a long drive on a Friday evening after work. However, we have people keeping watch on it for us. Hopefully in the future we’ll get to visit it more.Until then, we just enjoy the time we get to spend there.

Anyone who knows anything about Newfoundland would know that it is quite common to experience all four seasons in one day. This day was no exception. It went from being very cold (I had two hoodies and a Winters jacket on); to sunny and warm; to raining; to freezing rain; back to sunny, windy and cold. This was all during a two-hour span. It actually snowed once we got back to land but by this time I was hiding in the cabin, bundled up in blankets hope to get warm.

As mentioned previously, I had decided to take my cell phone to take some pictures. Here are a few from that trip to show how fast things changed.


The sun was just beginning to rise as we went into the arm. You could tell by the clouds that some form of precipitation was looming in the distance. However, at that moment the sun was shining brightly in the sky.


Funny thing about these rainbows is that we didn’t get rain (well the freezing rain) until a while after we saw them. The rainbow was faint and we weren’t that close to it. However, I tried to get some pictures.


These were taken after the freezing rain had ended. In some you can still see those mean, dark rain clouds. Isn’t the scenery just beautiful!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed these pictures! I’m thinking about making the “Snapshot Sunday” a weekly post. What does everyone think?  And if you’re taking part in Vlogtober (or Blogtober… my version.. haha) please let me know! I’d love to watch and/or read!

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