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Blogtober Day 2: Excel Plushie Contest

Hey all.

Today I am coming to you with another mail post. This time… a contest win. Sometime during the Summer Excel had a contest where you could win one of three plushies; a coffee cup, a donut and/or an onion. There were 15 000 to be given away and you could win up to three times (one of each plushies)!

I was excited to win!

Sometime during the end of August I received a mysterious white box in the mail. I had no what it could be. I sign up for samples and various programs all the time. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the box to find…..

Coffee Cup Plushie 



You recently entered the “Excel Plushie” contest, and were selected as a winner of an Excel Plushie Prize.

We hope you enjoy your limited edition Excel Plushie.

And remember, bad breath isn’t sexy – fresh breath is. So be sure to cary Excel Gum with you wherever you go, because you never know when you will need to make a great first impression.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at

Best regards,

The Excel Gum Team

Isn’t the coffee cup plushie just the cutest? One of the things my boyfriend and I love to do during our vacations is visit different coffee shops, so this plushie fit perfectly.

Fast forward a few weeks and I received another mysterious white box. Again, no idea what I was receiving. My niece was with me this time so I let her open it while I was driving to various thrift stores, hunting for books (spoils the nieces and nephews when they’re with me), She was excited to find this…..



Again, another adorable plushie. She wanted this one (so I may end up passing it along) but I wanted to take a picture to share with you all first. Isn’t this onion adorable?

Thanks Excel for these awesome prizes. They definitely put a smile on my face when I received them.

Did any of you win any of the plushies? Or any interesting contests recently? If so, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you!!

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