Today I’m bringing you a local product from Newfoundland. A while back, while wandering around in downtown St. John’s, I discovered a store called TVAL, that carried many different bath and skin care products. I was intrigued by this, especially after discovering my love for Lush. I figured it was a great time to give it a try, and support local endeavors of course!


Let’s get into the haul!

After looking around at all the neat products offered in the store, I decided to choose the Tub o’licious bath products.

Tval’s Tub o’licious is probably the most luxurious, decadent bath you’ve ever had… moisturizing cocoa butter, soothing oats, nourishing soy milk… and it foams too! Just drop one bag in your tub while you run the water. Squish it a bit to release all the goodness that’s inside, and jump in with it. While you’re in the bath, use the bag to gently polish your skin and reveal soft, smooth and gently fragrant skin. You can also use the Tub o’licious in the shower. Just soften it in the water, squish it a bit and use as a wash cloth.

Each package was priced at $4.50 or 3/$10. I opted for the 3/$10 option and chose two of the Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and a Pink Cotton Candy.

Tval Tub o’licious
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble


Juicy sweet strawberries blend perfectly with the tarter-than-tart rhubarb. Refreshing and delicious! Made with cocoa butter, oats and soy milk it will make your skin soft and lightly fragrant. It makes a deliciously decadent and soothing bath!

Tval Tub o’licious
Pink Cotton Candy


Pink Cotton Candy Tub o’licious is warm and soothing. Made with cocoa butter, oats and soy milk it will make your skin soft and lightly fragrant. It makes a deliciously decadent bath!

There was also a sample included with my purchase. I was excited to be able to try other products!

Skin Smoothie
Pink Grapefruit & Orange Body Lotion with Shea


This lovely lotion will make your skin smooth like velvet. Generous amounts of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil will make your skin soft and silky, and the fragrance lasts and lasts.

I can honestly say that I absolutely loved these products. It was interesting to try. The Tub o’licious products came in a small cloth bag and you would place it in the water; similar to what you would do with a tea bag when making tea. I thought this was neat. The products smelled great before, during, and after use; with a smell that lingers for a good amount of time.

I can’t wait to try other products from TVAL!

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