GuestBlogger, Ipsy Glam Bag

Guest Blogger: August Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey all!
Today I’m bringing you a post from a Guest Blogger. A good friend of mine, Amanda, received her first Ipsy bag during the month of August. She agreed to share her goodies with us and give a small review. Here’s what she had to say:

After seeing a bunch of people on my social media accounts posting their pictures of the IPSY glam bags that they received in the mail I have to admit I was intrigued and thought at first it would be a simple way to get some cute little “stocking stuffers” for my nieces for Christmas. After seeing one of my besties was also getting glam bags and if anyone signed up under her she would receive points I decided to sign up myself. After I did my registering and my survey the wait was on.  I received my IPSY glam bag for the month of August and finally I have used all the products. First off I have to say the little reusable bag that the samples came in was super cute and not a tacky little bag like some of the ones I seen people had posted so I was happy about that haha.



As you can see in my picture I received 5 sample products – the Briogeo Blossom & Bloom volumizing blow dry spray, Trust Fund Beauty nail polish, Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler eye and lip pencil , Noyah all-natural lipstick  and Juara skincare turmeric antioxidant radiance mask.

The first product I used was the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish.  It was a full sized bottle of nail polish in a beautiful light purple colour ( which happens to be one of my nieces favourite colours but I think this one is staying with me… no stocking stuffer for her , though I will share it). The actual colour is called Elegantly Wasted and it went on so smoothly and it lasted quite a while after applied to my nails for chips and dings. Believe me, I gave this nail polish a run for its money in that department as I am constantly chipping my nail polish within minutes of applying it to my nails lol. I love that is polish is also non toxic , vegan and cruelty free … I do hope I get more samples from this nail polish brand in the future.

Next I used the Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler eye and lip pencil. The colour of this particular pencil is wine so I instinctively went right to applying it to my lips as it felt to me like a lip colour ( I tend to think of eye liners as browns  and blacks).  This pencil went on pretty easy too. It didn’t really match any of my lipstick I have in my very small limited makeup kit ( thanks to IPSY I hope to increase my stock) so heres to hoping I get a great lipstick sample to match this pencil in a future glam bag.

The Juara skincare turmeric antioxidant radiance mask was next on my list. It said to apply it  1-3 times a week and leave it on for 10-15 mins and the rinse clean. I did just that. I haven’t really noticed to much with this product. My skin does feel a little smoother  but im honestly not sure if it’s from this mask or the new facial wash I was using just as I started using product  so I stopped using the facial wash and am now just using this mask so I guess time will tell.

The scent of the Briogeo Blossom & Bloom volumizing blow dry spray is so good it could almost make you want to eat it !! I have been using this one religiously partly just because I absolutely love the smell….and that’s something coming from a girl with asthma that sucks at breathing lol. It does add volume to my hair which is what it says its supposed to do so this one is for sure on my list of things I would definitely buy again and again and again. Did I mention it smells AMAZING!!!!!

The last sample product I used was the Noyah all-natural lipstick. This lipstick came with a 15% off plus a free lip balm coupon.  I am a girl who don’t wear a big lot of makeup…this includes the use of lipstick, so filling out my survey  I was sure to let them know I was more of a natural , simple makeup kind of girl.  The colour of this particular lipstick  is desert rose , which is pink in colour. It was almost to pink for my liking as it did go on pretty brightly even though it is a lighter pink colour. I found that if I put it on very lightly it gave off just the right amount of pink and didn’t make my lips burst out  like flaming lips haha. I did like the effect of lightly applying this lipstick and just adding a little dab of lip gloss on over for a tiny bit of shimmer. Although my nieces love to put it on as thick as possible and strut their stuff while puckering up lol.

Overall I was pleased with my first IPSY glam bag and cannot wait to see what goodies are in store for  next month

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