What I’ve been up to! + Announcement

It is funny how there isn’t enough hours in the day in order to complete all the tasks I’ve created for myself. I hate how this blog seems to be neglected. But rest assured I will be back in due time. Right now life just consists of work, work, work… and all the driving to get to work. I’ve also accumulated another house guest and it is hard to keep up on laundry and cooking. I still have two assignments left to complete in a Preschool Orientation Course that I’m doing in order to become certified for Early Childhood Education.

However, I’ve recently began writing on another blog-style website called Boys on the Block. According to the about section on the website,

Boys on the Block is a website/blog that discusses everything dealing with boy bands, especially those from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. While all boy bands are discussed here, we will be up front… it’s mostly Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.

Now I’ve known the owner and creator of the site for some years now, as with other writers. When she said she was looking for others to contribute… how could I turn down such an awesome opportunity. I use to write for an online Indie Music Magazine years ago and loved it, so why not write again. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of both BSB and NKOTB.

I just uploaded a post on the site about my Favorite Backstreet Boys Memory, leading up to their 22nd anniversary (and a contest where people are asked to send in their favorite memory). So why not go and check it out (and while you’re there… leave us some love!)


Click the picture above to see the post!

I’m hoping to post more regularly in the coming weeks. As far as I know right now my replacement is finishing up just before Easter and I have some other exciting adventures coming up. Stay tuned!

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