ICYMI: Valentine’s Day Collab with Beckinablog

On Friday I posted a Valentine’s Day sweet treat for you all, a collab with the wonderful Beck from Beckinablog. Now at the time I posted she didn’t have her beautiful day/night makeup looks posted for all you that may have had dates for Valentine’s Day. I did link her blog in that post but never did get back to link the post. However, better late than never right?!? So click the picture below to go directly to her post and leave her some love!


And while you’re at it, feel free to check out some yummy Valentine’s Day goodies. There were definitely many compliments passed along from those who tried the cake.


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. To be honest it is not one that we go overboard for. The boy and I ended up sleeping in because we were at a friends until late Friday night. Then he made breakfast for both of us. When I went to get breakfast I was given this little treat!


Simple and sweet! We then heading to a music store with a friend and the boy bought himself a new bass. He’s been looking for one for a while because the one he made has been causing him issues and he’s been the bass player in the bands he is in. He wanted to get something a little more reliable and finally did. Afterwards we ended up having a pizza supper with said friend and his fiance. The pizza ended up being free because the store misplaced our order or it didn’t get made or something like that. Happy Valentine’s Day to us.

I’d love to hear what you all did for Valentine’s Day!

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