Valentine’s Day Treats – Collab with BeckInABlog

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow a lot of us are probably scrounging for last-minute treats to make for our loved ones! Well never fear, I’m here to your rescue! What’s simpler then baking a cake??


It’s very simple actually! While out shopping earlier this week I picked up a Cherry Chip Cake mix from Betty Crocker. I haven’t had one in years so I figured it would be a treat for me as well!

vc9 vc8

All the instructions are on the back of the box for those of you who don’t regularly bake. All you needed for this particular mix was a half of cup of oil, a cup of water, and three eggs. (Don’t you just love the festive heart shaped measuring cups. I picked them up special for this post!) When the mixture is done, you are going to half the batter into a circle shaped pan and a square shaped cake pan (as shown below!).


You’re going to put this into the oven for about 30 minutes (or whatever it says on the box). Make sure to check the cakes periodically to make sure they do not burn. A good tip to keep in mind is to use a toothpick to poke a hole in the cake. If the toothpick comes back clean, then the cake is ready!


It looks great! My boyfriend and nephew wanted to eat it at this point! I had to make sure to keep them away while it cooled. Now you’re probably wondering why I used two different shaped cake pans. Well, once cooled you’re going to place the square cake in the shape of a diamond on a tray and cut the circle shaped cake to place on each side at the top of a cake. This will make a heart shape! (D’awww)


I am not one that normally buys box cake mix to be honest. Most of the things I make are usually from scratch. However, I didn’t really have much time to get this done. I was actually lucky enough to have a day off work due to a Blizzard and was able to bake it during the day. The boyfriend requested whipped topping with the cake which isn’t hard to do (and much better than already made icing). All you need to do is get some whipping cream and add some sugar. I added about 1/4 cup for this mixture. It is a bit more then I normally add but the nephew wanted it sweeter. vc6

Once your topping is made you can do ahead and decorate the cake. I just kept it simple because that is what the boys like. However, you can definitely color the whipped topping, add chocolates, sprinkles, candy, or anything else that you’d like.vc2 They pretty much devoured this for supper. Here is what was left.


I’d love to see some pictures if you’ve made your own Valentine’s goodies. I had planned to make more but ran out of eggs (I definitely wasn’t prepared. I’m still trying to get the hang of the new job).

This post is a part of a Valentine’s Day collab with the wonderful BeckInABlog! (For those of you reading before her post is up check back for a link!)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Treats – Collab with BeckInABlog”

  1. This looks so good! Such a good idea using a square and circle cake to make a heart! ❤ definitely going to give this a go.
    And thanks for asking me to do this collab – i hope you liked my post!
    Happy valentines! x


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