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Target Canada is Disappearing :(

A week ago yesterday Target announced that it was closing all Canadian locations because they’ve lost billions of dollars. Since that many news articles have been created and circulating around the inter-webs speculating on what could have been done differently to save it.


I think coming into Canada with a bang like they did may have been the issue when everyone was expecting a Target similar to the US. However, many forget some key things such as different currency. Personally, I have never been to a Target location in the US but I’ve watched hauls online from people who frequent these places. I’ll definitely add it to my places to shop on my next vacation and I’m very disappointed to see it go.

I’d visit Target every time I went to Costco (since my location was right next to Costco). I loved it. It is kind of funny actually because I was saying to my boyfriend on our visit the weekend before it was announced to close that I’d much rather Target then Wal-mart. The place was clean and well organized (as well organized as a store with customers continuously moving merchandise could be), the staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and they always had the cutest accessories that we can not find anywhere else.

I’ve managed to get some excellent deals there in the past. I’m definitely going to miss that. My last two visits were no disappointment either. Although liquidation hasn’t started yet, I picked up a few things that I wanted/needed and decided that I would share it with you all (and to keep the memories of when I had a local Target). So onto the goodies!


The Saturday after hearing Target was closing the boyfriend and I went to our local store (because I got there almost every weekend). Other then two cases of bottled water I picked up some cute post-it notes from the dollar spot, a clear shower curtain liner to replace the liner in my main bathroom, and a wristlet that was on clearance for around $8. Score!

On Tuesday I decided to go again (because I’m in mourning okay..hahaha) because I kept seeing pictures of the cutest Valentine’s Day mugs. I wanted to see if I could get the espresso one or dog one for my boyfriend (because these are some of his favorite things). Neither of these mugs were there but I did manage to score the donut one!!!


I also picked up a couple things on clearance. I got napkins for 18 cents (in reality, who can pass up super cheap napkins when they’re useful and we try to entertain a nice bit), so I grabbed 3 packs. I also got some ribbon left over from Christmas for 30 cents (regular price: $3.00).


I’ll probably visit the store again tomorrow (even though I know liquidation isn’t started yet). I’ve been stocking up on the bottled water because it’s an excellent price there and it doesn’t have a plastic-y taste like others. I’m definitely sad to see the store go. However, I’m hoping this will bring some other exciting store to our province. *sigh*

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