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Lush Holiday Treats


I’ll be honest. I often feel deprived of some amazing things because I’m living on an island surrounded by water. We don’t get many exciting concerts here (even when people claim they are having a Canadian wide tour). We don’t have some of the bigger named stores that you can find elsewhere in Canada (and the world); even Target just announced they were closing all their Canadian locations (more about that later).

Lush is one of these stores that we don’t have here (and it makes me sad). I was first introduced to Lush products by my Boyfriends Aunt about six years ago. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t appreciate the products as much as I do now (but I appreciated the surprise gift that I was given! Never doubt that!!). After watching many Youtube videos and hearing the love that others had for the products, I decided it was time to give these products a try again. So, on a vacation to Halifax two Summers ago to see the Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty in concert (amazing by the way), I visited the Lush location at the Halifax Shopping Centre and picked up a few bath bombs. From that, I was hooked.

When asked what I would like for Christmas by my Boyfriend the only thing I mentioned was some Lush Christmas products. I had been hearing about the Snow Fairy shower gel for a few years and how it was the scent of cotton candy. When I was younger cotton candy was my go to scent. I tried the online Boxing Day sales last year but the products were all sold out so I was making sure I would get to try it this year. Boyfriend, being the awesome boyfriend he is, ordered some Lush products online for me and I figured I’d share.


Little Snow Fairy
Our sweetest, pinkest, littlest gift for Snow Fairy fans everywhere, filled with our mistakable cotton candy fragrance and silvery shimmer.

First, I received the Little Snow Fairy pre-wrapped gift set. I was excited. It’s it just the cutest.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Lather up with this candy-scented shimmery gel and emerge with soft, sweet skin.

Pink FUN
What a Softy!
Delightfully fruity, with a candy scent inspired by childhood. Pink is our sweetie of the bunch for scrumptious bathtimes.

How to use: Open the biodegradable wrapper and start having fun! Make Fun into models and shapes. Wash body and hair by takinga small piece andlathering up from headto toe. Use as a bubble bath by crumbling a small portion under hot running water. When you’ve finished having FUN, store it back in the wrapper.

The FunD: 2.5% of the sale from each bar will help FunD local projects in Japan providing fun and safe play to children in neighbourhoods where the Fukushima nuclear disaster contaminated areas so badly that children are no longer allowed to play outside.

Inside the gift was a little brochure – Welcome to the LUSH life! giving some information about Lush and their products. It also included FUN in the Snow Fairy scent and a Snow Fairy Shower Gel; the product I have been wanting for a while. The smell is amazing. I cannot wait to try it out but I’ve been holding back since I’ve got a few opened shower gels that I want to use up first.


Holly Golightly
Sink in to warm, mistletoe waters and leaves the tub kissed with a spicy Christmas scent.

How to use: Enjoy mountains of Hollywood-style bubbles by crumbling your Bubble Bar under the running tap and watching the bubbles rise.

The Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt
Warm up with our spicy ginger,clove and cocoa butter snowman to soften winter skin

How to use: Pop a melt into the bath and watch it gently dissolve, transforming your water into a softening, scented sanctuary.

Sultana of Soap Sample
This creamy soap is packed with dried fruit and bergamot oil for a fruity fragrance.

I was also excited to receive these!!

I could smell these when I opened to gift. I was excited and cannot wait to try out all the products.

If you are a fan of Lush products as well, what are your favorites? What should I try the next time I am lucky enough to be in a location where there is a Lush store?

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