Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions Paint Can – Review

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Bath and Body Works! I was beyond excited when it finally came to my Province after visiting stores in the States and keeping myself from buying many goodies because I had no idea how I would successfully manage to get it home on the planes without some minor catastrophe.

Well…. I stock up during any of the semi-annual sales. I mean really… who wants to pay full price? I’ve been trying to clean out my stash of everything to be honest and told the boyfriend that the only products I wanted for Christmas was from Lush (this was actually the only thing that was on my¬†Christmas wish list). Little did I know that the boyfriend was on the ball and had already purchased some pretty awesome Christmas gifts for me. The Holiday Traditions Paint Can from Bath and Body Works


This was the first time I saw this product in person (after briefly glancing at it in an email from B&BW). I thought it was cute (and a great deal!).

bbwht3Winter Candy Apple Fine Fragrance Mist

This is one of my favorite scents from B&BW. I actually bought this on my first visit to the store when it opened here. It was just the mini version but I was sure to repurchase it. I’ll be honest. I use these holiday scents all year long!

Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion
Fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies, and whipped cream.

This was another scent I bought during my first visit when the store opened here. A year later I bought the Triple Moisturizing Lotion in the same scent. I was excited to find this lotion (even though I am not big on lotions) because I was almost out of it and it was one of the few that I regularly use!

Sugar Plum Dream Shower Gel
Sparkling sugar plum, winter citrus, and snowdrop blossoms

A few years back B&BW released a scent called Pink Sugar Plum which was one of my favorites. I have been looking for it for the past two years but I am pretty sure it hasn’t been released. I haven’t tried this scent yet but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it is a close replacement for Pink Sugar Plum.


Hand Soaps!! We stock up on these all the time. I love that the scent lingers in the room after each use!

Vanilla Bean Noel Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Vanilla bean, warm caramel, whipped cream

Love this soap. I’ve actually purchased (and repurchased) this in the past.

Snow Kissed Berry Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
Sparkling snow, juniper berry, silver birch

I haven’t tried yet so I’m not sure what it smells like after use.


Fresh Sparkling Snow Scented Candle
A blend of sparkling sugarberries, icy pear and holiday melon evokes the magic of a winter wonderland

Twisted Peppermint Scented Candle
Merry and bright peppermint celebrates the season with vanilla and sugary musk

Vanilla Bean Noel Scented Candle
Warm your heart on a cold winter’s night with a delicious medley of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel and rich, comforting cream


This Holiday Traditions Pain Can was priced between $20-$25 (I’m not sure of the actual price at the moment). I know it is a bit late for anyone to purchase many of these but it is definitely something to keep in mind for next year as many of these are a part of the permanent collection.

Did any of you receive any Bath and Body Works products for Christmas?

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