Interviews = Stress

I’ll be the first to admit that the word “Interview” scares the life out of me. After being called about a job interview, I spend days being a nervous wreck. I go through many stages before the day of the actual interview comes. Here’s the stages that I normally go through (in order to torture myself of course).


I do not own this graphic. This is one that I found on Google when searching graphics about interviews. All copyright information is included on the photo. Nonetheless, this is extremely accurate and I definitely feel like this during the interview. However, I feel that my interviews do not show the extent of my abilities and how well I will do the job.

Stage One: The Migraine

It usually starts off with a migraine. I stress myself out that much that I end up with a pounding head, can’t stand to be in a well-lit room or have any noise around me. This normally occurs the day after the initial call to set up an interview. I normally just suffer it out until I cannot handle it anymore and then I’ll go to bed. I find that when I have a migraine the only thing that works is to go to sleep.

Stage Two:  The “You Have Lots of Time to Prepare” Stage

So after that, I usually convince myself that I have lots of time to prepare and spend my days doing everything else that needs to be done. This week it was cleaning and organizing and trying to get everything back to normal after being gone for a few months.

Stage Three: The “Oh No the Interview is in Two Days” Stage

Finally, I realize the interview day is getting closer and begin to prepare. I can prepare for most of my interviews because they are in the Education field, specifically Science or Instructional Resource (Special Education). I review materials related to the job but don’t really focus that much because I keep thinking I have tons of time.

Stage Four: The “Day Before Interview” Stage

I spend the day going over questions in my head and tell everyone I’m going to do horrible during the interview and it is pointless for me to even try. I even told my boyfriend last night that I was retired. No more work for me.

Stage Five: The “Day Of Interview” Stage

The day of the interview I can’t eat. I end up stressing myself out to the point that I am often physically ill. It’s not a pleasant thing at all. I never feel as if my interviews go well and often think about things I should have said or what I should do differently afterwards. I know we are our own worst critic and it sucks. I always come out of interviews without much hope of actually getting the job. I know I need to be more positive but I think this is a way to keep me from getting my hopes up, so if I don’t get the job then it isn’t a big let down.

Hopefully none of you out there go through similar stages. Even those these stages are common for me, I have some suggestions for you all about job interviews that I wish I could successfully follow.

  • Have a Positive Attitude:
    • Go in with a positive attitude. Believe that you are the best for the job and that they are going to love you. I know this is harder then it seems (especially for me) but it is something that is good to live by.
  • Don’t Be Nervous:
    • Keep in mind that everyone has to do an interview at some point in their life whether it is for school, work, etc. We are all in the same boat.
  • Be Prepared:
    • Research the job position you are applying for (and the company).  This will allow you to determine which way to approach the questions asked.
  • Always Ask Questions:
    • Most interviewers will ask you if there is anything else you’d like to add at the end of the interview. I often just say how I’ll be an asset to the company/position and ask a question regarding the position. It shows that you are interested.
  • Try to Maintain Eye Contact:
    • Make sure to keep eye contact during the interview. Not only will this allow you to determine if you are on the right track but it helps to develop rapport with the interviewer and show that you are interested.
  • Dress Code:
    • Make sure to dress in a professional manner. You don’t want to go to a job interview wearing jeans and a tank top (really, you don’t). If you’re not sure what would be considered business casual or professional, Google can be your friend. Making sure you look put together will say a lot about how you will be in the position. Trust me.

Everyone reacts differently in interviews. Everyone is unique. Just make sure to be yourself during the interview in order to ensure that the employer is getting what they bargain for. I find that honesty is the best policy. I don’t think that I should go into an interview claiming to know it all if I don’t.

Do you have any advice that you always give/follow when doing an interview? Please let me know! (And wish me luck).

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