Sample Free by 2016 – #Sampledout

So I’ve been on a cleaning/weeding-out/decluttering/etc mode a lot recently. While home with my Mom for a few months while she was recovering from breaking her hip, I cleaned out her house for her. We managed to downsize a lot and have a nice bit to donate. I just recently came home and I want to do the same with my place. Right now I’m still battling a sinus infection and not feeling the greatest but I am slowly going to push myself to do this, even if it is just a room a day.

This brings me to #Sampledout. I first discovered this hash-tag on Instagram a few days ago and felt like this was a great idea and something I would try. I have no idea if I will succeed at this. However, why not give it a try. We definitely accumulate way too many products through samples, sales, whatever and we all know that these products do not last forever so why waste them?

I am going to follow this project, however I have decided to take out samples in small increments to use up. This way I won’t become overwhelmed with the insane amount of samples I have. At the end of the year I will calculate the grand total.

Over the next few days I’ll be gathering my samples together and will post an update once I’ve started. Until then, this is definitely something I can see many people benefiting from. So what are you waiting for??? Are you brave enough to accept the challenge?

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