Blogmas Day 17 – Secret Ooh La La Lavender Review

CLEARly a Winner!!

I’ve been a fan of the Secret products for a while, especially the Clear Gel ones (my favorite). I absolute love the fresh scents that these products allow to linger when in use. I definitely find that the wetness protection that Secret offers works well for me (a place where many other deodorants lack to be honest). One of my favorite things (other than the amazing smells of this product) is the fact that it doesn’t leave white residue on your clothes (or arms). How many times have you put on a solid white deodorant only to find white marks in the weirdest of places at the most embarrassing time. We’ve all been there right? Well the beauty of this product is that it’s clear… leaving no white marks to be seen. Brilliant right?

This is one that I’ll continue to use well into the future. I’m excited to Ooh-La-La Lavender scent (even though lavender isn’t one of my favorite scents). I’ve tried the vanilla and the cherry scented ones in the past and will continue to keep repurchasing them!

**I received this product from Bzzagent.com to review… #GotItFree #GotItFreefromSecret ***

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