So this wonderful lady that I follow here on WordPress has a great Christmas giveaway!!

AMBgiveawayJust click the giveaway picture to visit her blog!!


These are the great products she’s giving away. I know I’m excited!

All you have to do to find out how to enter yourself is to click the picture of the goodies above (it’s linked directly to her post about the giveaway).

One of the things she asked us to do was write about our favorite part of Christmas. I figured here was a good place to share what I wrote.

My favorite thing about Christmas is getting together with my family. That is the one time during the year I make sure I am with my Mom no matter what. I love the tradition of decorating the house and including a tree. We have so many special memories and stories about our ornaments and the various things we place around the house. I’ve started this in my own home by collecting Christmas ornaments on all the vacations I take. This started for me the first time I left Canada. Nonetheless, my favorite ornament would be the two doves I put on my tree. It’s sort of a sad story. When my dad passed away in 2007 my mom added five doves to the flowers we had for him. These five doves represented our family. One was given to each of my sisters and we kept three at home. My first Christmas in my house my Mom gave me two (one for me and one for dad). All of use now put these on our tree to keep our dad close by.

Now what are you waiting for… go enter! And feel free to share your favorite part of Christmas with me as well!!

Good Luck!

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