Blogmas Day 2 – Inspiration to Write

I was excited to start blogging. I really was. I was doing great with keeping up the motivation and continue doing something I love – which is writing in any way, shape or form. I use to have paper journals that I would write in everyday. I loved it. I would add little trinkets from the day – whether it be stubs from movies, the tags from something cool I bought, or even just little doodles to make it my own. I’ll admit that I dabbled in fan fiction as well. There is just something about writing out alternative lives for yourself and others, or making some dream a reality that is almost theraputic. But I lost all inspiration….

The fiction writing was the first to go. I blame this mostly on the schedule I was running in my life. I spent more time doing school work (obtaining a Biology dregree is hard work) and working to make sure I had enough funds to get through (I had found a job that I didn’t want to give up while off one Summer and stuck with it through school).

The next to go was the journals. I just couldn’t find the time to do it. By this time I had finished school and was working an insane amount of hours in order to be able to stay in town with my boyfriend. I had completed both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education by this point. I wasn’t getting any calls for subbing so I continued with the job.

Soon enough was enough and I left that job and moved home. This was about four years ago. I ended up getting a teaching job shortly after and I loved it. To this day I still love teaching and hopefully one day I’ll be back in the classroom. I’m not teaching full time right now because I ended up deciding to move back to the town my boyfriend lives and we purchased a home together. This was after moving further and further away for work over a three year span. I also completed a Bachelor of Special Education at this time.

Over the past year I’ve struggled with what to do next. I know I’d have no issue getting a job in a place where there isn’t such a large number of individuals in the same boat I am in, especially with my background. I find it’s harder to get calls or even a job where I am because there are people who are higher on the list then I am and those individuals are amongst the first pickings. However, I am confident that I would be excellent in any role.

Do I regret this career path? No. I love what I chose to do. I just wish it were easier for me to get work. It seems as if some people are able to no matter what. It is frustrating and there are days I think “what if I went this route? Would I have a permanent job now?” And then I think about the fact that I would have never met the boyfriend if this were the case. We were more or less set up by a mutual friend. I ended up being placed in a group with this girl (who I had never met) and we became the best of friends. I’ll never forget the day we were interviewing a mutual friend for this class (only a day or so after we met) and we all got to talking about relationships. She wanted to try to set the other girl up with someone (never did though.. haha) and she turned and looked at me and said..”I have the perfect guy for you. Do you mind red hair?” She wanted me to go and meet him later that evening. (I didn’t… It was actually a few months later that I did… after standing him up twice … oooopsie).

Recently I started blogging again (as you can see by this blog). I made a promise to myself that I would keep up with this one. I was doing excellent until I ended up having to move home and care for my mom while she was recovering from surgery after breaking her hip. I did great the first week home but then started having pains in my hands and arms (they’re still not the greatest but I can’t continue to stay away forever). So I basically took a break after that happened. However, I’m back now and starting “Blogmas”. Hopefully I’ll be back for good this time and things won’t happen to prevent this.

I’m hoping to slowly start getting back into my creative ways. I have so many things planned over the next month and well into the New Year. Hopefully I can accomplish most.

I’m home with my mom for at least another month. We head back to the Doc’s on Thursday for her six week checkup and hopefully good results. Keep your fingers crossed!!

With that, I’m going to head off. My wrists are starting to ache and I don’t want to push it too much. I’ll be back again tomorrow with some back posts that I had started to write during the month of November.

I’m glad to be back! Let’s be friends!

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