Where I’ve been – Updates

Hello wonderful readers! Any of you that actually read my blog may have wondered what happened to me. I stopped posting two days shy of the end of the Blogtober. (Ohhhh noooo!)

Well… life got in the way. Has you know I have been staying with my Mom in the home I grew up in for the past few weeks while she’s recovering from a break in her hip. She’s doing well but anxious to be up and on the go.

While home I took it upon myself to do some renos and clean everything out. I succeeded for the most part. I only have my Mom’s room and bits of the bathroom and my old room (that my uncle is currently using) to finish up. I completely transformed the room that turned into the laundry room after I left home by painting it and adding a bed. I think it looks so much better and will post some simple before and after pictures when I get a chance.

While doing all this work I ended up having a carpel tunnel flare up and was in pain for the past week. I decided that it was to my best interest not to be using the computer too much (especially typing). I think moving all the things I have by myself and the repetitive motions put a strain on them. This was a reoccuring issue when I worked at KFC in the past. It’s doing fairly well now but I still have some tingling.

I also ended up taking a one day trip back to town to run some errands and see the boyfriend and the nephew when the sister and brother in law went in. We ended up doing some shopping and I got some Christmas gifts in the process (for myself since my Mom decided she wanted the things I bought for me for Christmas).

I’ve got a few blog posts planned and in the process for the next little while.

  • 30th Birthday Gift Basket for a friend
  • Halloween-aversary gift from boyfriend
  • Sample Source mail
  • Julip order
  • September/October empties
  • Room renos

This should keep me busy for a little while.

I’m also considering doing Blog-mas (my version of vlogmas hahaha). If you have any suggestions about what I should include please leave me a comment.

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