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Blogtober Day 26 – What Make’s You Canadian Tag

It’s Sunday! I spent the day cleaning out the living room and kitchen. I just have three rooms left at my Mom’s place to clean. However, two of those rooms need to be painted so it will take me a bit longer.

While cleaning earlier I discovered that we have AMC here so I’m currently watching re-runs of The Walking Dead, leading up to the new episode tonight.. yay.

Today’s post is another tag. I saw a What Makes You Canadian Tag video by MyBeautyTips101 on Youtube about a week ago and decided that this was a great post to end a Sunday night with. So on to the tag!


What Makes You Canadian Tag

1) What do you order at Tim Hortons?
To be honest, it varies. My all-time favorite from Tim Hortons would be a Cafe Mocha. However, I often switch it up and have  French Vanilla as well. Food wise, my favorite sweet item to order are the Pumpkin Spice Muffins (which are only available in the fall).


2) Most annoying Canadian stereotype?
There are a few. The first, that we all live in igloos. Yeah, that’s not true. Another would be the way certain words are pronounced (and used on America TV shows). We do not use ‘Eh’ as much as everyone claims and don’t get me started with the word ‘about’. We DO NOT say ‘aboot’. (Or at least where I am).


3) How many provinces have you been to?
I’ve been to Newfoundland (where I am from), Nova Scotia, Ontario, and would you consider just being in the airport as being in the province? If so, I’ve been in Quebec because I had a stop over in Montreal on one of my trips to the United States.

4) Have you ever seen an igloo?
To be honest, I have never seen an igloo in person (only pictures or on TV).

5) How many words do you know that people think you say differently?
Living in Newfoundland, we definitely have different words than other places in Canada (and the world). For example, when someone is ‘Screeched in’ (which I can explain in another blog if anyone is interested) they are expected to repeat different sayings such as “Long may your big jib draw” and “indeed I is me ol’ cock”. I’m guilty of dropping letters on words, depending on the situation I am in. I feel like I have the ability to turn it on and off like a switch. One of the most common letter’s for me to drop would be the letter ‘H’.


6) Favourite YTV show?
My absolute favorite that I would watch on YTV as a teenage was Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I also loved YTV’s The Hit List with Tarzan Dan. MyBeautyTips101 also mentioned Student Bodies, which is a show that I forgot about, but I enjoyed it as well. And then there was Breaker High. So many good shows that I never see anymore.




7) One thing you wish you could buy in Canada that you can’t?
Cheap plane tickets, especially when travelling from Newfoundland. It is insanely expensive and prevents travel to other places that I’d love to see.

8) Have you ever seen a moose, deer or another type of wildlife?
Wild life… Well I went to a concert when Hedley had their Wild Life tour….

Oh wait… you didn’t mean that. I’ve seen different types of wild life all my life; from rabbits to squirrel, shrews, moose, bears, caribou, and even wild turkey to name a few.


9) Favourite winter product?
I love the Winter Candy Apple Scent from Bath and Body Works. I also love Winter scents such as Apple Cinnamon when it comes to air fresheners.


10) Favourite Canadian celebrity?
I cannot think of a favorite Canadian celebrity off the top of my head but I do have a favorite Canadian band (other than any in which my boyfriend is a member of course 😉 ).


One of my favorite songs by the guys. I post this tonight in honor of the tragedy in Ottawa this week and for all other fallen soldiers.

11) Why are you proud to be Canadian?

We live in a beautiful country where freedom is a big part. We are definitely a friendly bunch. One story that sticks in my mind was years ago when a cousin of one of my best friends came to my hometown for the first time. He was surprised about how many people would stop him on the road and/or ask him by for tea and a snack. He said that anywhere else he would be afraid to accept this offer, but here we wouldn’t take no for an answer. The caring and generosity of our people here was greatly seen throughout the world during 9/11 when many planes were diverted here. Even today there are still news articles and videos being created about the impact Newfoundland had on helping the individuals stranded here.


And now after all the serious talk in number 11, I leave you all with this:


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